Salman Khan gets annoyed with Shamita Shetty

On an upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Salman Khan is seen getting annoyed with Shamita Shetty over her comments.

Salman Khan gets annoyed with Shamita Shetty f

"What do I do if I am born like this?"

Salman Khan appeared to get offended with a statement made by Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss 15.

A promo of the upcoming ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode sees Salman address it and reveal that he may not return to host the weekend episodes.

According to Salman, Shamita wants the other contestants to behave the way she wants them to and wants everything in the Bigg Boss house to run her way.

On the upcoming episode, Salman calls out Shamita’s behaviour, saying that she thinks of herself as the ‘rani (queen)’ of the house.

Shamita refused to agree with Salman and replies:

“What do I do if I am born like this? Let me tell you I do the most amount of work in the house. Really, this is annoying.”

However, her arrogant reply offends Salman.

It prompts Salman Khan to say:

“I have no need to speak. If I could, I’d spend the whole episode in silence and not come at all.”

Salman Khan had previously sided with Shamita after fellow contestant Afsana Khan age-shamed her.

He had asked her: “I’ll tell you what all you’ve said. ‘Shamita is old and it’s time for her to sit at home. She is cheap’.

“You will decide who is cheap?”

Afsana replied: “You are elder to me.”

However, Salman interrupted and said: “No, no. I am old.”

Afsana then attempted to reason with Salman, explaining that she made such comments in anger, but Salman did not believe her and said:

“You speak badly and also throw hands.”

Salman went on to say that he would remove Afsana from the house if the decision was in his house. However, Afsana said she has “no problem”.

Bigg Boss 15 has seen numerous controversial moments.

One moment which attracted a lot of attention was when Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal got into a physical altercation during a task.

Pratik grabbed some blue papers from Karan.

However, Karan grabbed Pratik’s neck before grabbing him and slamming him on the ground, leaving the rest of the contestants shocked.

This left social media users angry with Karan’s behaviour.

One user said: “Blood is boiling literally, I am too angry now.

“Why is Bigg Boss favouring Kundrra so much? He is getting on my nerves.”

Another user said: “Bigg Boss is so biased now.

“Earlier, they used to evict people just for pushing someone.

“Now they don’t do anything even if someone picks someone up and slams them to the ground.”

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