Salman Khan criticises Afsana Khan’s Behaviour

In an upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, host Salman Khan criticised singer Afsana Khan for her behaviour on the show.

Salman Khan criticises Afsana Khan's Behaviour f

"You will decide who is cheap?"

Salman Khan will be back on Bigg Boss 15‘s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode where he criticises singer Afsana Khan for her behaviour on the show.

Afsana has been at the forefront of several controversial moments in Bigg Boss 15.

She has been seen getting into physical fights, throwing slippers, tearing clothes and making ageist remarks against Shamita Shetty.

One instance saw Afsana get into a heated row with fellow contestant Vidhi Pandya.

The contestants had been in the jungle area and were asked to move their belongings into a different room.

Vidhi asked Afsana to pick up some stuff but Afsana refused.

Vidhi said that everyone had to do their share of work, but Afsana took offence and told her not to give orders.

The pair rowed while the other contestants tried to calm them down and break things up.

Salman has now called her out for her behaviour.

A new promo for the upcoming episode starts with Salman introducing Afsana as the ‘superstar of the season’.

He asks her: “I’ll tell you what all you’ve said. ‘Shamita is old and it’s time for her to sit at home. She is cheap’.

“You will decide who is cheap?”

Afsana replies: “You are elder to me.”

However, Salman interrupts and says: “No, no. I am old.”

Afsana then tries to reason with Salman, explaining that she made such comments in anger, but Salman does not believe her, telling her:

“You speak badly and also throw hands.”

The Bollywood star added that she has a “set pattern”.

Shamita also said that Afsana fights with others before taking out her anger on herself.

Salman then says that he would remove Afsana from the house if the decision was in his house. However, Afsana says she has “no problem”.

Watch the Bigg Boss 15 promo


The clash between Afsana Khan and Shamita Shetty on October 15, 2021, received a lot of attention, with former Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan tweeting about the matter.

She wrote: “Omg have people lost their basic thinking abilities????

“WTF. There’s a crazy tussle going on, and Shamita brings out a scissor to cut the fabric!!!!!

“Wow! I’m just shocked! On one hand, you are shouting guys be careful and on the other, you are literally doing the most dangerous thing #bb15.”

In that same episode, Afsana got into an altercation with Akasa Singh which resulted in her tearing Akasa’s clothes.

When Akasa called her out, Afsana refused to apologise.

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