Afsana Khan tries to Hurt Herself with Knife on Bigg Boss 15

A promo video for ‘Bigg Boss 15’ shockingly showed Afsana Khan grabbing a knife and threatening to harm herself.

Afsana Khan tries to Hurt Herself with Knife on Bigg Boss 15 f

"I will die, I am seriously telling you."

A promo video for an upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 shockingly showed Afsana Khan threatening to harm herself with a knife.

It was reported that the incident resulted in the singer being ejected from the house.

The incident stemmed from the VIP Zone access task.

Captain Umar Riaz was asked to choose four contestants who would get the chance to win the VIP badge.

But a source said: “Afsana, who is a close friend of Umar, expected to be one of the four.

“However, he did not give her the badge and that left her disturbed.

“She felt betrayed and could not handle her emotions.”

In the video, Afsana launches a verbal outburst towards Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash for not supporting her.

She threatens to make life hell for everyone and that if something happens to her, they would be responsible.

Afsana is heard saying: “I was the target and I will not leave them.”

She is also seen hitting herself and pushing over a chair.

The singer then shockingly says:

“I will die, I am seriously telling you.”

She then picks up a knife. At this point, the other housemates quickly try to restrain her and take the knife away.

The incident led to the makers ejecting Afsana Khan from the house to ensure the safety of the rest of the housemates.


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Afsana’s extreme outburst prompted a lot of discussion on social media.

A lot of people called Afsana “mad”.

One person wrote: “Get her out please, very irritating to see her in Bigg Boss.”

Another said that Afsana can never accept defeat.

However, others supported Afsana over the mental health struggles that she may be experiencing, adding that the show should not be sensationalising such a sensitive topic.

One person said: “Yes it’s not a good thing, she is not fine but people are making fun of her.”

Actress Rashami Desai wrote:

“More painful that such a good talent and no one know what she’s going through.”

“Inside out people only judge and for what?

“We all learn from our own and others mistakes.”

One user reacted to Rashami’s tweet and called out the Bigg Boss makers for showing such promos.

The user asked: “Is this about Afsana? Then yes I agree that they shouldn’t sensationalise such promos as it can be disturbing for viewers to watch.”

Rashami replied: “Really sad. They showed but people made fun.”

Another person said: “Where is it going to stop Bigg Boss 15. To what extent are you gonna fall?

“Afsana Khan left quarantine a few days before the actual show.

“You knew her issues and put her in a show where emotions are so high that everyone eventually loses it!”

Bigg Boss 15 has seen a number of incidents involving Afsana.

She briefly quit the show before it started due to a panic attack. The singer later changed her mind and entered the reality show.

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