‘Illogical’ Swaran Ghar dupatta scene leaves Netizens in Hysterics

A scene from ‘Swaran Ghar’ featuring the female lead being strangled by her own dupatta has left netizens in fits of laughter.

swaran Ghar dupatta scene leaves Netizens in Hysterics f

“Only one man in the whole room to save the day."

Indian TV serials are prone to showing illogical scenes and Swaran Ghar has attracted a lot of social media attention for that reason.

The new show has been on TV for just a few months but one particular scene has now got netizens talking.

The scene shows Sangita Ghosh’s character Swaran flinging her dupatta over her shoulder, partially landing on an electric fan.

Meanwhile, other characters look on.

However, as Swaran starts walking with Ajeet (Ajay Chaudhary), her dupatta gets caught in the fan, dramatically pulling her back.

Ajeet turns around to see Swaran gasping for air as the other characters express concern but do not help.

What follows is Ajeet frantically trying to remove the dupatta while Swaran is strangled by her own dupatta.

Swaran is frequently seen with her hand around her neck and pulling a variety of expressions.

Everyone else continues to stand there screaming in horror. One woman is then seen trying to pull the plug out but is unable to.

Amid the chaos in front of them, two female characters are seen gossiping.

Like other Indian TV soaps, dramatic music begins to play because instead of simply turning the fan’s switch off or taking the dupatta off, Ajeet begins to bite the dupatta in a bid to tear it and free Swaran.

As Ajeet bites his way through the fabric, Swaran lets out a moan as she struggles to breathe.

Ajeet eventually tears the dupatta. At that point, the fan somehow turns off.

Swaran then passes out while everyone continues to stand there and watch.

The scene was shared on Twitter and it quickly went viral, with many social media users laughing at the illogical clip.

Comedian Vir Das retweeted the clip and sarcastically wrote: “The suspense.”

Many users pointed out the lack of logic in the scene.

One said: “Only one man in the whole room to save the day. No one thought of switching the fan off.”

Another netizen posted: “I love that they are in a market full of stalls, in front of a stall that sells craft but nobody has a knife or scissors.

“Also, the gossiping lady saying she’s faking, this is so good.”

Others wondered why she did not simply take off her dupatta.

One user asked: “Can somebody tell her it’s ok to remove dupattas in public?”

Another replied: “Patriarchy society not letting to remove dupatta in public.”

Some mentioned that everyone else just stood there and watched.

For other viewers, the scene was too funny.

One said: “The actors in this are just true professionals because I would just drop dead right there from laughing too much.”

Another wrote:

“I have so many questions!! Just how strong is that fan and its stand and who glued the plug??”

A third commented: “Wow just when you thought you had seen all the wonders of Indian TV, they keep coming up with these award-worthy performances.”

Although the viral scene had viewers in fits of laughter, actress Kamya Shalabh Dang expressed her disappointment.

“This is precisely why despite having some brilliant actors TV content is looked down upon, compared to films and web.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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