Indian Smuggler caught using Butt to Hide 12 bars of Gold

An Indian smuggler was caught hiding 12 gold bars in his rectum. After a further 8 were found in his luggage, the total haul is valued at Rs. 5.91 million.

Indian Smuggler caught using Butt to Hide 12 bars of Gold

"We practice to carry the gold and walk and sit normally to avoid customs officials."

Customs officers caught an Indian smuggler carrying gold in an airport, using his rectum to hide them. He attempted to smuggle 12 gold bars in his rectum, which weighed a total of 1.2kg.

The 36-year-old man, reportedly from Tamil Nadu, arrived in Hyderabad airport after taking a flight from Singapore. Officers grew suspicious of the man as he was walking uncomfortably. They took him in for questioning.

They initially found 8 gold bars in the Indian smuggler’s luggage, hidden in LED lamps. However, after they put him through a metal detector, officers discovered the man had hidden more gold in his buttocks.

The total haul weighed 2kg and valued at Rs. 5.91 million rupees ($88,000 or £70,600). The man remains in Hyderabad airport for further questioning.

Custom officers suspect that the Indian smuggler was not new to this. Smuggling “experts” practice thoroughly so they can hide smuggled goods in their rectum. Gold smuggler Sajial says:

“We practice to carry the gold and walk and sit normally to avoid customs officials. Food or water is strict no during assignments. There are a few exercises we do that make work easier and help us carry more gold.”

But why are smugglers making so much effort to smuggle gold into India?

Gold in India values at a higher price than in other countries such as Singapore or even Dubai. The staggering high price attracts many to take the risk and smuggle gold into India. And now, an Indian smuggler can use innovative ways to do so, by hiding gold in their rectum.

However, trained officers can now spot anyone walking suspiciously in airports. A DRI officer says:

“Not anyone can move with ease when gold pieces are in the rear. We often spot the discomfort of some during passenger profiling and nab them. Gold concealed in their body is detected by door frame metal detectors or if needed body scans.”

There are also other methods smugglers use to bring in gold. Craftsmen remove metal parts from electronic devices and replace them with pure gold, so an Indian smuggler can bring it into the country.

One smuggler says: “The soleplate, thermostat or the heating tube of an iron, magnetron tube or surface plate of a microwave oven and piston shoes and valve plates of small motor pumps all removed and recreated in solid gold. The component created in gold is then painted in its original colour and fitted to respective electronic devices.”

Officers are keen to stop smugglers hiding gold in their rectum. But, they need to be also vigilant of these new smuggling methods too.

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