Amir Khan donates Food Bags to Pakistan’s COVID-19 Needy

Boxer Amir Khan has announced that his Amir Khan Foundation is donating rations bags to the needy and sufferers of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

"these rations bags are supported by the Amir Khan Foundation"

Boxer Amir Khan has announced on Twitter that his foundation the Amir Khan Foundation is donating ration bags to the needy people who are suffering amid the COVID-19 lockdown in Pakistan.

This includes the poor and those who have been hit by unemployment in Pakistan.

The bags of rations include in them, food such as rice, flour, daal, chickpeas, juices, water, powder milk, and for personal hygiene, bars of soap. 

The bags have been prepared at the foundation where thousands of them surround the boxing ring at the location.

Amir has stated that the Pakistani Army is helping them distribute the bags to the desired destinations.

Amir has also spoken to Dr Fehmida Mirza the Federal Minister for IPC with regards to the donation and help needed for distribution.

The commentator who narrates on the film showing the ration bags prepared to be donated says:

“Right now the boxing ring is empty but all the other space in the club is made available if filled with ration bags.

“And these rations bags are supported by the Amir Khan Foundation.

“For the needy people of Pakistan who have suffered from the Coronavirus lockdown and unemployment in Pakistan.

“The team is busy making this happen and thousands of bags are being packed and tomorrow insha’Allah or the next few days this will be distributed to the needy people of Pakistan.

“Thank you Amir Khan.”

Amir Khan donates Food Bags to Pakistan COVID-19 Sufferers

Amir Wrote in his tweet:

“Seeing everyone suffer in Pakistan with food shortage due to the corona virus I have made bags which contain rice, flour, daal, chick peas, juices, water, powder milk, bars of soap. I would like to thank the pakistan Army for helping us distributing the bags”

The COVID-19 gesture has hit the hearts of many Pakistani’s and fans who responded on Twitter to Amir Khan’s tweet. Here are some of the reactions:

Sharif Larka: ‘Well done Amir Pakistan is proud of you.’

Saadia Sattar: ‘You are doing amazing as always and more power to you brother. We all do our bit. This shall pass too insha’Allah.’

StayAtHomeFC: ‘Amir does a lot of good stuff for less fortunate people you know. Top man Amir’

slayer363636: ‘That’s cool man, they need a lot of help over there. Seen some huge gatherings in videos.’

Richard Zarraras: ‘Wow. This is awesome man! Giving back to the community in a crisis.’

Mike Ramos: ‘you’re a good dude! You never back down from a fight, and always keep a human conection to those less fortunate…’

Danceywoman: ‘Thank you for making these bags to help people in Pakistan. Well done, Amir Khan.’

Salih: ‘There are so many people who has relation to this country, very few of them are taking care of the people suffering. Ur action is highly appreciated SIR. Ur contributions in this time for the people of UK (allowing ur building use) and Pak will always be remembered’

The ration bags are certainly welcomed by Pakistan, where confirmed cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 4,000 and 55 people have died from the pandemic.

The Amir Khan Foundation was set-up by Amir to help the needy, vulnerable and children.

The foundation was involved with an orphanage project in Gambia and has helped deliver aid to victims that suffered in disasters such as the Syrian refugee crisis in Greece and the 2015 floods in Cumbria, England.

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