Indian Businessman pushes Son’s Friend off Hotel Terrace

Chilling CCTV footage showed the moment a businessman pushed his son’s friend off a hotel terrace in Bareilly after an argument.

Indian Businessman pushes Son's Friend off Hotel Terrace f

Sanjeev ended up pushing Sarthak off the terrace

A businessman was captured on CCTV pushing his son’s friend off the terrace of a five-star hotel in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly.

It was reported that the incident happened at a pre-wedding event in the early hours of April 21, 2024.

Sarthak Agrawal attended the party with his friends, including Ridim Arora.

However, things took a turn at around 2 am when an argument broke out between Sarthak and Ridim.

It escalated into a physical altercation, prompting Ridim to call his father to the scene.

Sanjeev Arora, a textile businessman, turned up at the terrace and an argument continued between the two groups.

Reportedly, Sarthak touched Sanjeev’s feet, supposedly to ask for forgiveness.

However, it only made the businessman angrier.

Disturbing footage showed Sanjeev grabbing Sarthak by the collar and slapping him. He continued to hit the young man whilst pushing him towards the edge of the terrace.

Sanjeev ended up pushing Sarthak off the terrace with such force that he almost went over himself.

A few men held Sanjeev to prevent him from falling but the businessman then turned his attention to one of them, aggressively grabbing him and slapping him.

As one man tries to calm Sanjeev down, others rush to check on Sarthak.

Sanjeev still holds onto the other man and at one point, seemingly tries to throw him off the terrace also.

But the peacekeeper manages to diffuse the situation, allowing the man to escape to safety.

The pair then look over the terrace.

Sarthak was taken to a medical college in a critical condition.

Although it has been reported that the argument broke out between two friends, the victim’s father claimed that there is no association with Ridim.

Sanjay Agrawal said:

“Neither my son nor I know who these people are.”

Meanwhile, a First Information report stated that the accused was drunk and assaulted the victim without any provocation.

A case of assault causing grievous harm has been registered.

Watch the Footage. Warning – Distressing Images

On social media, netizens were shocked to see what had transpired.

Many called for police action to be taken while others said it was attempted murder.

Pointing out that Sanjeev tried to push a second man off the terrace, one said:

“Uttar Pradesh Police, please take strict action against these goons.

“He tried to throw another from the terrace after the first one… So it is a clear case of attempted murder.”

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