Salman Khan’s Security ‘pushes’ Vicky Kaushal Aside

Bollywood stars are in Abu Dhabi for IIFA 2023 but an encounter between Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan proved to be awkward.

Salman Khan's Security 'pushes' Vicky Kaushal Aside f

"People were pushing Vicky to the side, how rude!"

A viral video seemingly shows Vicky Kaushal being pushed aside by Salman Khan’s security to make way for the actor.

Bollywood stars are in Abu Dhabi for IIFA 2023, which takes place on May 27, 2023, and will be hosted by Vicky Kaushal and Abhishek Bachchan.

Vicky has also met other stars in the lead-up to the event, however, an encounter with Salman Khan was apparently an awkward one.

The Sardar Udham star had been taking selfies with fans.

Meanwhile, Salman walks in from the other side, surrounded by his security.

One member of Salman’s entourage was seen holding Vicky from behind and ushering him aside to make way for Salman.

Vicky sees Salman and greets him.

However, Salman seemingly does not acknowledge Vicky’s greeting, only looking at him with a stoic expression before going on his way.

The strange meeting left viewers divided.

Many were angry about how Vicky was treated by Salman’s security staff.

One user said: “People were pushing Vicky to the side, how rude! Bhai is bhai but at least gives others some respect.”

Another commented: “That was arrogant, rude asf.. but, damn! Talk about star power. Vicky was bulldozed aside like he was no one.”

A third commented: “Someone dragged Vicky away out of the way coz Salman was coming.”

One comment read: “I really feel sorry for Vicky in this video. The whole entourage of Salman put him on side like he doesn’t exist in Bollywood.”

Some criticised Salman for his apparent attitude towards Vicky.

A user wondered:

“Why didn’t Salman talk when Vicky is giving so much respect, I don’t know what’s the attitude.”

Another said: “Too much arrogance.”

Others defended Salman for having a massive entourage, given the number of threats made against him recently.

Believing that the security did not recognise Vicky Kaushal, one netizen wrote:

“I think they didn’t recognise him in the crowd, after Salman got death threats, he has good security.”

Pointing out the video was removed from a paparazzi account on Instagram, a user said:

“The bodyguards are from Abu Dhabi – so they’re not aware who Vicky is and dropped him on the side like a normal guy.

“To make it worse, the expression on Vicky’s face doesn’t help either. This video will go into the history of Bollywood either in a good or bad way.”

To add to the speculation and gossip, some think could this also to do with Katrina Kaif now being Vicky’s wife? Based on Salman’s past close relationship with Katrina?

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