Shah Rukh Khan ‘pushes’ Fan who wanted Selfie

A video of Shah Rukh Khan seemingly pushing away a fan who wanted a picture with him has circulated online.

Shah Rukh Khan 'pushes' Fan who wanted Selfie f

"not expected this from you... really wrong."

A video of Shah Rukh Khan seemingly pushing a fan away as they tried to take a picture with him.

SRK has often spoken warmly about his fans and how they helped make him a superstar.

However, one fan appeared to have annoyed him.

Shah Rukh had been leaving Mumbai airport with his manager Pooja Dadlani when he was mobbed by paparazzi and fans, who were holding their phones.

Security walks around the pair to prevent paparazzi and fans from getting too close.

Shah Rukh was seen in an all-black ensemble trying to make his way to his car when one fan approached him with their phone out.

SRK holds the man’s arm away from him before pushing it away.

He then gave the fan a look before continuing to make his way to his car.

The fan is seen in the background, walking behind the Bollywood megastar.

Meanwhile, cameras continue to be thrust into SRK’s face as fans desperately try to get a picture with the actor.

The paparazzi continued to call out to him, yelling: “Shah Rukh bhai!”

Shah Rukh did not pay any attention to them, made his way to his car and left.


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The video went viral and many were not impressed by Shah Rukh’s behaviour.

Many labelled the actor arrogant, with one writing:

“Now Pathaan has gone, so have you got arrogant.”

Another said: “Really very disappointed SRK, not expected this from you… really wrong.”

Others said celebrities in general only care about their fans when their new film is about to release.

One comment read: “These celebrities forget who made them celebrities.”

Another said: “If you are a superstar, fans would want to come and take photos with you.

“I am myself a SRK fan but this was no way to treat a fan.

“You can politely refuse to get clicked if you are not in the mood.”

Expressing sympathy for the fan, one person said:

“So sad! He was only trying to take a pic without even touching him!”

Some defended Shah Rukh Khan, saying the fan was breaching his personal space without permission and pestering him.

A netizen said: “He just reached India at 5 am and this guy is trying to click photos with him without asking him.

“SRK looks tired after travelling we can see it so giving some personal space to him, he is also a human being. That’s not nice.”

Another agreed: “Sorry but everyone judging him and calling him rude – how would you feel if someone is constantly clicking you, most times without even asking you?

“It’s basic manners to ask and if they oblige, then click the picture.”

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