‘Tere Bin’ Viewers criticise ‘Brainless’ Female Characters

‘Tere Bin’ has faced backlash from viewers for portraying female characters as unintelligent. One scene proved especially frustrating.

Tere Bin' Viewers criticise 'Brainless' Female Characters f

"How can someone be so stupid?"

Pakistani television show Tere Bin may be popular but some aspects have drawn controversy.

Viewers are annoyed that female characters are portrayed as unintelligent. Some viewers have even stopped watching the show as a result.

Much of the criticism is directed towards Meerab (Yumna Zaidi), who viewers believe is a poorly written character and self-destructive.

In a recent episode, she is busy settling her sister-in-law Mariam’s love affair.

Meerab sends Mariam with her love interest Anas, however, she is unaware that he is the sworn enemy of her husband Murtasim (Wahaj Ali).

Meanwhile, Haya (Sabeena Farooq) knows that Murtasim and Anas do not like each other.

In a bid to stir up trouble, she films the incident instead of preventing Mariam from going with Anas.

Murtasim soon hears that his sister is missing.

After seeing her empty room, Haya says that Mariam went away with a man named Malik Zubair.

When Murtasim asks his wife if she knows the man in the video, Meerab now knows him, despite not knowing when she sent Mariam with him.

Murtasim becomes enraged and desperately tries to look for his sister.

The storyline has annoyed viewers, with many labelling the female characters as “brainless” and “untrustworthy”.

They argued that they should be punished for betraying Murtasim.

After watching, fans pointed out Meerab’s lack of common sense.

One user said: “How stupid is Meerab.”

Another wrote: “Such a dumb female lead character.”

A third said: “How can someone be so stupid?”

A comment read: “Meerab is literally the dumbest female character I have ever seen.”

Trolling the writers, one user said:

“I think the writer was drunk while writing Meerab’s character.”

Tere Bin viewers have stated that Meerab deserves her suffering and that her interference will only cause more trouble in her and Murtasim’s relationship.

Haya was also criticised for her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Mariam was deemed immature for leaving her home just for a lover who could not propose properly.

One netizen wrote: “Mariam and Haya have been brought up very badly.

“Second Meerab already knows Malik Zubair, so she was becoming such an educated lawyer, she could not recognise Anas and Malik Zubair. She is a stupid woman, seriously Meerab!!

“Mariam is crazy. While studying for exams, she started talking about the ghost of love in the last year.”

“All the women of the house, from mother Begum to Mariam, all are disgusting.”

Another said: “Why is Mariam so mean?

“She does not care about her self-respect and her family’s reputation.

“Haya and Meerab do no good.

“Why have the women lost their intelligence and thinking skills?”


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