Does Tere Bin’s Murtasim have Self-Respect Issues?

‘Tere Bin’ has become a much-talked-about Pakistani show. But does Wahaj Ali’s Murtasim have self-respect issues?

Does Tere Bin's Murtasim have Self-Respect Issues f

He also allowed his wife to meet a man

Pakistani drama Tere Bin has captured the attention of viewers with its intriguing storyline.

Wahaj Ali’s portrayal of Murtasim was highly praised and the character’s entry left viewers impressed by his strength.

The dynamic between Murtasim and his wife Meerab was also much loved by audiences.

But as Tere Bin has progressed, it seems that Murtasim may not be the character that the makers intended him to be.

One of the main issues is that he seems to lack self-respect.

He cannot speak up for himself and is always told off by his mother or his wife.

When he was asked to become the “gaddinasheen” and abandon his real passion, he complied without protest.

This lack of self-respect is evident in the way he interacts with Meerab, who never respects his decisions.

For example, when Meerab defied him in front of an entire panchayat (village council), Murtasim did not react.

He also allowed his wife to meet a man whom she knew was in love with her and even went to his house.

When confronted, Meerab said she had done nothing wrong. Murtasim only appeared miserable and fired his gun in the air.

Tere Bin has also presented Murtasim as someone who seems to be wanting Meerab’s love and affection even though she does not reciprocate his feelings.

This is evident when Meerab sends his sister with Anas, Murtasim’s sworn enemy.

When Murtasim found out, he did not express his anger at his wife. Instead, he shouted outside while desperately looking for his sister.

While viewers said that all the female characters in the storyline were at fault, Meerab seemingly tried to destroy her husband and he did not defend himself.

Murtasim is praised for respecting his wife’s consent but it is questionable why he agreed to marry someone who asked him to sign a contract so that they would not consummate their marriage.

Despite his position, he went against his own honour by signing the contract to maintain his social standing.

But Murtasim appeared to restore some of his self-respect when he left Meerab.

Viewers were pleased to see Murtasim leave his wife, with many stating that she had it coming.

But throughout Tere Bin, Murtasim seems to lack self-respect, which takes away from his character and makes it harder to empathise with him.

This has been evident during his interactions with Meerab and his apparent inability to stand up for himself.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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