Murtasim’s Fury delights ‘Tere Bin’ Viewers

The promo for Tere Bin’s 53rd episode delighted fans after it showed Murtasim direct his fury at the right people.

Murtasim's Fury delights 'Tere Bin' Viewers f

"Murtasim shouting at Haya is a very satisfying moment"

Fans believe Tere Bin may have redeemed itself as the promo for the 53rd episode was released.

The show has polarised viewers, with recent episodes leaving viewers frustrated as Murtasim searched for Meerab, who had taken refuge at Farrukh Khan’s house.

But the promo for the 53rd episode has injected a glimmer of hope as Murtasim unleashed his fury on those fans believe he should have.

The promo showed Murtasim entering a car, presumably continuing his search for his wife.

Meanwhile, Ma Begum is seen talking to Haya, who has been wreaking havoc with all members of the family throughout the series.

Murtasim soon confronts the pair and unleashes his anger on them, making it clear that he would not stop his search for Meerab.

He also issued a warning to Haya before walking away.

The promo ends with Murtasim entering Farrukh’s house, which is filled with armed guards.

As he walks through the house, Meerab hides behind a wall, seemingly shocked that her husband came for her.

Fans took to the comments to express their delight, particularly when Murtasim berated his mother and Haya.

One said: “Murtasim insulting Haya is the best and most awaited scene for Meerasim lovers.”

Another wrote: “Murtasim shouting at Haya is a very satisfying moment for every Meerasim fan.”

A third commented: “Murtasim is the real HERO in this drama, the real ASSET.”

The promo left viewers excited for the episode, with many looking forward to a potential reunion between Murtasim and Meerab.

Asking other viewers, one said: “Who is excited about the upcoming episodes.”

Another wrote: “The heartbeat when Meerab and Murtasim were very close. Murtasim can feel her.”

One viewer agreed: “My heartbeat went so fast when Murtasim and Meerab were so close.

“Murtasim feels Meerab’s presence, who agrees with me???”

In recent weeks, Tere Bin has been subject to criticism, with many expressing their dismay at the sudden character changes.

Murtasim is a fan favourite but viewers were shocked when the protagonist accused Meerab of having an affair with Rohail, his closest friend.

Viewers also accused the writer, Nooran Makhdoom, of portraying the main leads as the most nondescript people.

One said: “I’ve been saying this for so long, it’s always been about ego.

“He thought Meerab was a shiny toy he couldn’t touch and when he did he’s over it.”

An angry person said: “End the show already! Please do it.”

While Tere Bin has divided viewers for its questionable storylines, the upcoming promo has seemingly returned to what fans loved about the show.

Watch the Promo for Tere Bin episode 53


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