Tere Bin viewers claim Marital Rape scene was Edited

‘Tere Bin’ implied a marital rape scene, however, viewers believed the scene had been changed due to the backlash it received.

Tere Bin viewers claim Marital Rape scene was Edited f

"Did they re-record the dialogue or something?"

Viewers of Tere Bin were left confused after the implied marital rape scene was allegedly edited to save face.

Episode 46 of the popular show showed Meerab (Yumna Zaidi) slapping her husband Murtasim (Wahaj Ali) and spitting at him during an argument.

A furious Murtasim then pushed his wife onto a bed and closed the door.

The cliffhanger heavily implied that marital rape would take place in the next episode.

The implication resulted in backlash, prompting writer Nooran Makhdoom to defend the show, stating that she could not change it.

However, episode 47 has left viewers wondering if the plot was hastily changed.

The episode depicted that the couple consummated their marriage – breaching their no-intimacy contract – and then regretted it.

The couple had afterthoughts about what transpired.

But fans believe the apparent change in plot looked like an attempt to save face from the backlash, adding that it was done poorly.

The episode showed Meerab sitting on the floor with smeared kohl on her face and tears rolling down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Murtasim had an inner monologue where he blamed Meerab for “not being able to stop herself” but he should have been her protector.

Fans found it hard to believe that consensual sex would end up like this.

Viewers claimed that the voiceovers differed from the visuals and even did not sound like the actors.

One wrote: “I do not know about you guys, but honestly, this looks like such a hotch potch.

“The scenes, the acts and the dialogues have absolutely zero matches?

“Did they re-record the dialogue or something? How are you guys even making sense of this?”

Another said: “Why does not it feels like the voice of Wahaj Ali in the voiceover scenes?”

Some believed that Meerab’s distraught expression indicated that marital rape did indeed take place but a voiceover was added to suggest that it didn’t.

A viewer commented: “She was definitely raped. The writer just added a cheap voiceover so it doesn’t look like it.”

Another agreed:

“Her traumatised expressions and her screaming, she was sexually assaulted.”

“Girls, if you want to praise Murtasim, go ahead because that is what they have shown but don’t make a fool of yourself by saying that there was no marital rape written in the script.”

One user stated that it was dangerous to portray Meerab as devastated after consensual sex because that is not what intimacy looks like in real life.

Frustrated at the supposed editing, a user asked the writers to create better storylines.

The person wrote: “If you remove the background voices and then look at Meerab, her face, and her body language doesn’t show guilt but devastation.

“Yumna Zaidi portrays it with such perfection that even these voice-overs couldn’t cover it up. So, next time try to make better stories.”

A netizen commented: “The writer Nooran Makhdoom should be banned.”

The implied marital rape in Tere Bin caused controversy but the subsequent episode has led to even more backlash.

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