Indian Girls kick and beat Molester at Bus Stand

A man molested two Indian girls at a bus stand in Madhya Pradesh. However, the young women took action by kicking and beating the harasser.

Indian Girls kick and beat Molester at Bus Stand - f

the man inappropriately touched the two women.

Two Indian girls beat and kicked a man at a bus stand after he molested them. The incident happened in the town of Sailana, Madhya Pradesh.

The area had been busy prior to the incident. However, when locals saw what was going on, they gathered.

The women hit the man with slippers and slapped him before kicking him.

It was reported that the assault took place near the market at a bus stand. Although several witnesses saw the man being beaten, the police were not called after finding out what he had done.

Whilst beating him, the women were shouting at him, telling him to never touch them again and asking why he thought that it was okay to molest them.

On the night of December 9, 2o19, the young women had arrived from Sailana Bridge and were on their way to the market when they encountered the man at the bus stand.

They had been carrying decorations for a procession that they were part of.

The man, who was reportedly drunk, began harassing the Indian girls, allegedly making lewd comments.

However, the women ignored him and walked forward. At that point, the man inappropriately touched the two women.

After feeling his hands touching them, the unnamed women turned around and began questioning why he touched them.

He then made further vulgar comments, which enraged the women and prompted them to take matters into their own hands.

They put their decorations down and began slapping him and while shouting at him for his behaviour.

A crowd gathered after hearing the shouting. The young women then dragged the harasser to the ground and continued their assault.

They continued to slap the man as he tried to cover up.

At one point, a man from the crowd intervened. He pushed one of the women away before unleashing several punches to the side of the molester’s head.

The second woman punched the man several times and kicked him as he pleaded with them to stop.

The man repeatedly apologised for his actions but the women continued to hit him with their slippers.

After curling up on the floor, the women decided to stop with the beating. They walked over to their decorations, picked them up and made their way towards the market.

The crowd soon dispersed, leaving the young, drunk man lying on the ground.

A police complaint was not registered after the crowd were informed that he molested the women.

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