Why did Govinda fear being called a ‘Child Molester’?

Whilst recalling the beginning of his relationship with Sunita Ahuja, Govinda admitted that he feared being called a “child molester”.

Why did Govinda fear being called a 'Child Molester' f


"I was scared of being called a child molester for dating her."

Govinda opened up about how his relationship with Sunita Ahuja began and how he was scared to date her.

It was revealed that Sunita had made the first move after she was challenged to impress the actor by her relative.

Sunita said she spent more than a year wooing Govinda before they began dating.

When they eventually started dating, Govinda feared being labelled a child molester because he was 21 while Sunita was just 15.

Their age gap seemed to be a matter of concern for the longest time.

They eventually married in 1987. Govinda was 24 years old at the time while Sunita was 18.

Recalling it all in an interview, Govinda shared:

“She was very young and modern. I was scared of being called a child molester for dating her.

“We were both young, I even told her ‘you are so young, do you even know what you are saying’ but she said she knows everything and said ‘I love you to me’.”

Govinda went on to explain how the two of them started dancing with each other at a film’s premiere, and how they would always do so at weddings and other functions.

He recalled that the first time they held hands was when they left an event in the same car.

“The car was moving, and our hands touched each other by mistake.

“She did not remove her hand and held my hand.

“I thought if I let go, it would look weird.

“I am a Punjabi, so I thought, might as well keep holding hands.

“We expressed our feelings towards each other in the same car.”

Govinda and Sunita share two children – Yashvardan and Tina.

As Sunita has previously stated, Govinda intends to soon introduce his son Yashvardhan to the world of film.

However, he was unable to make his acting debut because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sunita also mentioned that Yashvardhan is getting in shape in preparation for his debut.

She explained: “Yashvardhan’s debut got delayed because of the (Covid-19) lockdown.

“We are in talks with a few people about his launch. We want good production houses and a good story because it will be his first film.

“My son is preparing a lot for his debut. He is busy building his body, learning acting, dancing, and doing other things. We’ll launch him soon.”

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