Karan Johar clarifies ‘Bias’ towards Janhvi over Sara

On ‘Koffee With Karan’, Karan Johar seemingly favoured Janhvi Kapoor over Sara Ali Khan. He has now spoken about the matter.

Karan Johar clarifies 'Bias' towards Janhvi over Sara f

"in my defence, I love Sara."

Karan Johar has clarified the alleged bias he had towards Janhvi Kapoor over Sara Ali Khan on Koffee With Karan.

The seventh season of the talk show has ended but not before a special finale episode.

The episode featured Karan speaking to social media influencers and comedians. This included the likes of Kusha Kapila, Tanmay Bhat, Niharika NM and Danish Sait.

During their discussion, Karan addressed the claims made by the viewers including him constantly talking about Alia Bhatt and his keen interest in other people’s sex lives.

He was also accused of favouring Janhvi Kapoor over Sara Ali Khan during their episode. The actresses appeared on the second episode.

During the episode, Karan called Janhvi “hot” while he questioned Sara about her “broken family”.

In the finale, Danish pointed out the alleged favouritism, saying:

“As somebody who was raised by a single parent, I would’ve cried. That poor girl was so strong.”

Kusha also mentioned how Karan commented about “who’s hotter, who’s frugal with money, who’s going to get the next Dharma project”.

She added: “At one point you actually told Janhvi I’ll give you a project. For you, nothing, Sara! You take my hamper Sara.”

Responding to the allegations, Karan Johar said:

“I just want to tell everyone, in my defence, I love Sara.

“She is also working with us. She is doing two feature films with us, back to back.”

Karan went on to speak about the rapid-fire round.

He continued: “The Sara-Janhvi episode was the first thing we shot this season.

“After the rapid-fire round, which declared Janhvi the winner, there had been a technological error.

“Five minutes later, we had to admit that we had made a mistake while Janhvi was ecstatic.

“I began to describe her as hot out of remorse, but the entire exchange was deleted, giving the impression that I was being biased.”

Meanwhile, Karan Johar also spoke about his ordeal with anxiety.

He said:

“I built some kind of thick skin over the years.”

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me the way people think it should bother me when I read stuff that is completely putrid, awful. They come down to even abusing my kids.

“Those are times when I feel like f***, just leave them out of it. I’m like, you can say whatever you want about me, my sexuality or about all the conspiracy theories they have that are really down and dirty.

“It really doesn’t bother me and it’s not like I have not been in therapy and I haven’t had issues in the past.

“There was an anxiety issue that I combatted 5 years ago and that was when I really opened up.

“You know, when I spoke to my doctor and she was a psychologist and she said that you are actually brushing everything so deep within that you actually think that you are dealing with it and that you have thick skin but actually you are shoving it into a dark, deep area and that’s all going to pop up at some time.

“So, she said you shouldn’t. So, at least I started talking about this fact to people because I was not even telling people that I was in therapy and that I was going through an issue of anxiety for 3 or 4 years.”

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