Pakistani Lawyers beat and kick Woman outside Court

Pakistani lawyers barbarically attack a woman outside a court in Shakargarh, Pakistan, as police officers and locals looked on.

Pakistani Lawyers beat and kick Woman outside Court f

"This abominable act must be condemned"

A brutal attack broke out between a group of Pakistani lawyers who beat and kicked a woman outside a local court in Shakargarh, Pakistan.

According to a video that went viral on social media, the woman is seen being assaulted by the lawyers as the police watched silently.

An official of Shakargarh police confirmed the incident and identified the woman as Amrat Bibi, a resident of Shahpur Bhangu.

Amrat went to attend a court hearing, regarding a door in the street near to where she lived. However, things took a horrifying turn.

What started as verbal abuse between the Pakistani lawyers and Amrat, quickly turned into a physical conflict.

The woman was pushed; her clothes torn and was injured as a result.

Amrat explained how the Pakistani lawyers started misbehaving with her, before mercilessly attacking her. She said:

“They stopped me from going into the chamber, dragged me outside the court and started beating me. My arm has been hurt, my leg has been wounded and my hair pulled out.”

This incident occurred as bystanders and policemen watched on and did nothing to prevent what was going on.

Despite the accusations made against the lawyers, they claim Amrat was accompanied by men.

The Local Bar Association’s President, Naeem Iqbal, alleged that Amrat attempted to abduct Yasir Khan (one of the accused lawyers).

A police case has been registered against the Pakistani lawyers.

As a result of this unfortunate incident, numerous people on social media expressed their disgust over the matter.

One user took to Twitter to condemn the attack. They stated:

“Shameless lawyers of Shakargarh bar beating a poor girl in the presence of law enforcers. This abominable act must be condemned and concerned authorities must take action for dispensation of justice.”

Khalil Ahmad Malik, the Deputy Superintendent, stated authorities received petitions from the parties and an FIR (first information report) would be submitted.

This will be carried out once the matter has been investigated.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar, took notice after the video went viral and has ordered the Narowal district police to submit a report.

This is not the first time advocates have thought they are above the law. Earlier in 2019, lawyers attacked a traffic warden and an assistant traffic warden.

The wardens stopped the lawyers to issue a challenge over the violations of traffic rules, but they acted out and thrashed the officials.

This unacceptable conduct by law officials is shocking and raises questions about the reliability of Pakistan’s justice system.

Watch the Video here


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