Pakistani Girls beat Student for Refusing Alcohol

In a disturbing video, a group of Pakistani girls were seen beating their fellow student up after the latter allegedly refused alcohol.

Pakistani Girls beat Student for Refusing Alcohol f

The group show no remorse as they laugh

Disturbing footage on social media shows four Pakistani schoolgirls beating up another student in the corridor.

It is reported that the incident happened in Lahore’s prestigious Scarsdale American International School.

The assault happened after the girl allegedly refused alcohol from the group but according to the victim’s father, she refused drugs.

In the video, one girl is seen on top of the victim while three others surround them.

The person filming appears to be a male friend of the group.

One girl – seen with blue highlights in her hair – pushes the victim’s head into the ground. She then pulls her hair and punches her repeatedly.

The group show no remorse as they laugh and mock the student whilst hitting her.

Meanwhile, one member of the group is seen taking a picture of the victim, who is told to apologise but defiantly refuses.

It is alleged that the attackers snatched a locket from the victim.

Watch the Video. Warning – Distressing Footage

According to reports, the student was offered alcohol by the group. When she refused, the girls attacked her.

But in an FIR registered by the victim’s father Imran Younis, the main attacker was a drug addict. He said she “had offered my daughter a dose of a drug to inhale in the school, which she refused to do, and as a result, she was badly tortured”.

Imran claimed one of the girls is a “boxer who hit the victim in her face while another kicked her, causing injuries to her face”.

Another girl tried to strangle his daughter.

He also alleged that one of the four girls involved was carrying a dagger.

Imran said the attack left his daughter traumatised. The circulation of the video has caused further anguish to Imran and his family.

He has also approached the FIA for action against those who filmed the assault.

A Lahore sessions court granted pre-arrest bail to the perpetrators, with Additional Sessions Judge Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal taking up the bail plea.

Advocate Mian Rab Nawaz, who appeared on behalf of the girls, claimed that the victim was a drug addict herself and wanted to engage his clients in the illegal act.

The counsel said: “My clients are being implicated falsely.”

Nawaz added that his clients were ready to cooperate with the authorities in the investigation.

After listening to the arguments, the judge granted pre-arrest bail to four girls against surety bonds worth Rs. 50,000 (£175) each and barred the authorities from arresting them until January 30, 2023.

The four girls as well as the victim have been suspended by the school until the investigation has been completed.

The Lahore District Commissioner Mohammad Ali has recommended fining the school Rs. 600,000 or suspending the school’s registration.

He has also recommended expelling the students who carried out the assault.

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