Why have Romantic Scenes in ‘Tere Bin’ caused Backlash?

‘Tere Bin’ is a popular Pakistani show, however, the depiction of romantic scenes has caused controversy.

Tere Bin' caused Backlash f


"I'm shocked how thirsty the public is"

Pakistani television drama Tere Bin is Geo TV’s most-watched show of 2023.

The show’s success is attributed to its blend of suspense and romance, which has successfully captured a large audience.

However, not all viewers are pleased with the intense romantic scenes featured in the drama.

One episode, in particular, featured Murtasim stroking Meerab’s face as she sleeps.

Some fans have criticised Tere Bin, arguing that the show seems heavily influenced by Indian dramas.

One viewer said: “Why are they promoting ruining the concept of marriage? They’re trying to copy India.”

Another comment read: “I know we are used to watching scenes like this in Indian and American shows but somehow it is weird in our shows.

“Just because we loved the simplicity of our dramas where acting was done so purely that you inferred it without having to see it play out like this.

“It was just something very special about our dramas that we are losing nowadays so I guess that’s why it feels a bit awkward for us watching similar scenes play out in our dramas when we don’t bat an eyelid to it in Indian or American shows.”

A third wrote: “Too much brother!

“I’m shocked how thirsty the public is that they give views to such dramas to watch such scenes.”

According to them, the series cannot be watched with family members due to the romantic scenes making them uncomfortable.

Pakistani dramas are known for their simplicity, and the depiction of intense love in Tere Bin is not in line with the country’s values, according to some viewers.

The on-screen romance displayed in the drama is an alarming situation for Pakistan, and fans are concerned about the industry’s trend towards normalising it.

A certain percentage of viewers have expressed their displeasure at the display of on-screen romance in the drama and feel that the Pakistani television industry is attempting to emulate Indian dramas.

The fact that the show was aired during Ramadan has also led to anger among some fans.

Despite the criticism, fans of Tere Bin continue to enjoy the series and appreciate the talented cast and the show’s blend of suspense and romance.

The drama has managed to capture a significant number of viewers, and its popularity continues to grow.

The controversy surrounding Tere Bin highlights the ongoing debate about the role of romance in Pakistani dramas and the cultural values that these shows should reflect.

The portrayal of romance in Pakistani dramas is a controversial topic, and it will be interesting to see how the industry responds to viewers’ feedback.

It will be interesting to see how the industry responds to viewers’ feedback and navigates this contentious issue.

Directed by Siraj Ul Haque, Tere Bin stars Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali.

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