Did ‘Tere Bin’ copy an Indian TV Drama?

A particular scene from the Pakistani TV show ‘Tere Bin’ got fans talking about whether it had copied a scene from an Indian show.

Did 'Tere Bin' copy an Indian TV Drama f

"Is Tere Bin a complete copy of the Indian serial"

Pakistani television drama Tere Bin is facing claims that it copied a scene from an Indian drama.

The show, which stars Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, has been a huge hit, with many fans praising the chemistry between the lead stars.

However, the show has come under fire for allegedly copying other shows.

It has now faced criticism for a particular scene.

The scene shows Meerab (Yumna) about to jump from the terrace roof. Murtasim (Wahaj) sees his wife and challenges her to jump.

When she approaches the ledge, she realises what she is about to do and comes down.

Fans noticed the similarities between the scene in Tere Bin and one in the Indian drama Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, where the lead characters were affectionately known as Rishbala.

In that scene, which aired in 2013, Drashti Dhami’s Madhubala is also challenged to jump by Vivian Dsena’s Rishabh.

But when she contemplates her actions, she unknowingly steps backwards, falling off the terrace roof. Fortunately, she is saved by her onscreen husband.

After watching Tere Bin, fans took to Twitter to state how much the scene reminded them of the famous one seen in Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

One user said: “The first time I saw this terrace scene it reminded me of Rishbala.”

Another asked: “Is Tere Bin a complete copy of the Indian serial or only some scenes are similar?”

A viewer commented: “Lol yes no denying there. Though Rishbala were always extreme in whatever they did so it suited their junoon for ego.”

Admitting the scenes looked similar, one user called it the “best crossover”. The user wrote:

“Probably the best crossover I have seen. My Rishbala and Meerasim.”

A social media user commented: “I swear I think of RK when I saw this.”

The scene also drew criticism for the inclusion of an attempted suicide and sudden change in Murtasim’s character.

One said: “Like the slap, the jump scene was also totally unnecessary and stripped Murtasim of the human light he was portrayed in when he cried.

“Very confused, poor writing I’d say.”

Another commented: “But this final nail in the coffin of sanity was put when a stupid toxic Murtasim asks Meerab to jump from the roof in order to prove her innocence.”

Tere Bin was previously at the centre of controversy after Zee Music filed a copyright lawsuit against its original sounds track (OST).

Zee Music claimed that part of the song was a copy of the song ‘Mera Intkam Dekhegi’ from the Indian film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.

It resulted in YouTube removing some episodes of the show.

Later, Geo Television was able to settle the dispute with Zee Music Company.

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