Are Sajal Aly & Mahira Khan Dating the same Man?

With both actresses sharing cryptic signals online in recent weeks, are Sajal Aly and Mahira Khan both dating the same man?

Are Sajal Aly & Mahira Khan Dating the same Man? - f


Munawar's reply simply fuelled the flames.

Following Sajal Aly’s reposting of an Instagram Reel with Sheheryar Munawar, Mahira Khan’s most recent social media posts had fans speculating about dating rumours.

Fans of Mahira are abuzz with speculation after the Pakistani actress made an enigmatic comment on Sheheryar’s social media post.

Mahira Khan praised Munawar’s appearance and compared him to “that guy,” who has recently been posting a string of strange remarks on social media.

Munawar’s reply simply fuelled the flames and hinted at a chat the two may have had.

She had previously made suggestions about a mysterious man for whom she would prepare “gol (round) rotis”.

Some have assumed Khan and Munawar are utilising social media activity to generate interest in a new project as a result of the mysterious posts.

Others want to know who “that guy” is and if Salim Karim, Mahira Khan’s rumoured beau, has been replaced.

During a social media Q&A session, Khan recently rejected a marriage proposal from a fan, saying that she is “taken.”

The Humsafar renowned star has become one of Pakistan’s most popular actresses thanks to her ability to portray strong female leads, compellingly complicated characters, and outstanding screen presence.

Bol, Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, and Shehr-e-Zaat are just a few of the cult classic television shows and movies that Khan is credited for creating.

Mahira has also smoothly transitioned from romcoms to more serious storylines, and her most recent short film is no exception.

The actress, whose previous role was in the hit The Legend of Maula Jatt, has demonstrated her flexibility with her most recent short film, which is about the secluded marital lives of women.

Every frame of the movie offers information, from the clock ticking to the actors’ expressions.

The short centres around a middle-class housewife who gives in to peer pressure.

Sheherzaad (Mahira Khan), who was trapped in stereotyped wife duties and had no knowledge of mental health, was unable to handle the demands and responsibilities of marriage.

Sheherzaad, who had only a vintage radio for entertainment, seemed to build an imagined figure in the form of her husband Akbar (played by Zahid Ahmed), as a result of the distance between the couple.

The mother of Sheherzaad’s friend’s daughter calls her “sick in the head,” which is a dig at the society which occurs in the movie.

The movie concludes with a line from the renowned poet Ahmed Faraz, “When this journey finishes, we will see,” after Sheherzaad’s futile attempts to contact her family had failed.

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