Sophia Mirza fled to the UK to avoid Arrest?

Pakistani actress and model Sophia Mirza is reportedly living in the UK to avoid arrest by the Sindh and the Punjab Police.

sophia mirza

They allegedly took the money but did not turn up.

It is reported that Sophia Mirza fled to the UK to avoid arrest.

The Sindh and the Punjab Police have named Sophia in a financial fraud investigation in relation to a wedding dance contractual breach and stolen money.

The actress is believed to be living in Birmingham with her sister Mariam, who is also wanted in the investigation.

Their friend Maira Khurram – who is also wanted – is not with them as she could not get a UK visa.

According to the FIA, Sophia left for Birmingham on December 27, 2022.

On April 5, 2023, the Punjab and Sindh Police raided Sophia’s home in Lahore but a staff member told them she had been in the UK since December.

In a letter to the Home Department of Punjab, the Sindh Home Department had asked the Punjab Police to cooperate with the Sindh police officers who wanted to arrest Sophia Mirza, Mariam Mirza and their friend to take them to Sukkur, where the fraud took place, and investigate the matter.

The letter read: “The request of Inspector General of Police Sindh, Karachi is forwarded/recommended for providing the necessary assistance regarding the arresting/shifting of above accused in accordance with law after fulfilment of all legal/codal formalities, under intimation to this Department (if the said accused are not involved/required in any other case or otherwise within the Punjab Province /any Court of law.

“A police party headed by ASI/I.O Lal Dino Mahar, PC-1882 Muhammad Qasim, PC-3400 Shahid Hussain and two Lady Constables of Women Cell District Sukkur along with police party of Police Station A- Section District Sukkur, Sindh has been deputed for the purpose.”

Sophia, Mariam and Maira were allegedly paid Rs. 1.5 million (£4,200) to perform at a wedding.

They agreed and said they would bring other dancers with them.

They allegedly took the money but did not turn up. They are also accused of issuing threats to the victim Sanaullah Mahessar.

Sanaullah said: “Trusting them, we gave Rs. 10 Lakh (£2,800) to Mariam Mirza, and other people in front of witness Mukhtar Hussain, son of Ghulam Farid Soomro, and Muhammad Waris, son of Muhammad Ayyub Mirani, resident of Sharafabad Sukkur.

“We decided that further payment will be made on the day of the programme.

“On the day of the marriage program, they all did not come. We kept calling but they did not respond.”

Sanaullah alleged that he called Sophia’s friend to ask for the money back. She promised someone would meet him to return the money.

But on November 27, 2022, an unknown woman and five men met him at the agreed meeting place.

Sanaullah continued: “Three of them pointed pistols at us and said to us if you demand money from Mariam Mirza, Maira Khurram Shaikh and Khushbakht Mirza then you will meet a very bad fate.

“They threatened to beat us to death and left the house in a white colour car while shouting abuse.”

“I have appeared at the police station after consulting with my elders, I claim that legal action should be taken against the culprits.”

At the beginning of April 2023, the FIA reopened a money laundering investigation into Sophia Mirza.

It had previously been closed after Shahzad Akbar became head of FIA under the Assets Recovery Unit (ARU).

FIA sources said that Sophia Mirza used former PM Imran Khan’s Interior and Accountability advisor Shahzad Akbar to stop the FIA from pursuing a money laundering investigation against her.

The FIA officers confirmed that evidence of money laundering against Sophia Mirza was overwhelming but Shahzad Akbar allegedly barred the FIA investigators from concluding the cases against the model.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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