Sabeena Farooq says Indian Fans loved her ‘Tere Bin’ Role

Sabeena Farooq played the antagonistic Haya in ‘Tere Bin’ and while she got hate in Pakistan, Indian fans loved her character.

Sabeena Farooq says Indian Fans loved her 'Tere Bin' Role f

“They say that the show lacked spice without Haya."

Sabeena Farooq spoke about the trolling she received from Pakistani fans for her role as Haya in Tere Bin.

In contrast, she received immense love from viewers in India.

Sabeena said: “I have said this before and people said to me that I am dying to work in India. But if you can’t digest the truth that is not my fault.

“Why should I lie and say that my people have given me a lot of love?

“Indians understand the work. Those people appreciated Haya’s character as a good character which was played well by somebody.

“They say that the show lacked spice without Haya. This is sad because I want people here [Pakistan] to understand the same thing.”

Sabeena Farooq also spoke about her role as Barbeena in Kabli Pulao and said she felt the show’s success was overshadowed by Tere Bin because it had more popular actors.

The interview was well received by fans.

One person wrote: “Sabeena Farooq is such an amazing and talented actress, and I am really happy that she is getting lead offers now after Kabli Pulao.

“She deserves all the success in her personal and professional life.”

Another wrote: “I LOVE Sabeena. The first time I watched her in Tere Bin I grew to love her, and then Barbeena just blew us away.

“After seeing her as Barbeena I don’t think I want to see her do a negative role.”

A third commented: “No other actor can perform Barbeena the way Sabeena did.

“She is just extraordinarily talented. I wish her good luck for all her future projects.”

In March 2023, Sabeena shared an Instagram Story in an attempt to stop the hate she was subjected to for her role as Haya.

At the time, Sabeena Farooq received death threats and was warned not to interfere in the lives of Murtasim and Meerab.

Speaking about the difficult time, Sabeena said:

“I have been generous and nice about my character in Tere Bin, joining you all in roasting me and the memes, but there is a limit to everything.

“Now that you are putting fake, absurd content on YouTube and threatening me, it is disturbing for me and my family. It is just a character.”

She hit out at those who were unable to differentiate between a character and an actor, calling them “idiots”.

Sabeena added: “I request you to stop taking out your frustration on me. I curse those people who earn from making fake YouTube videos.

“If I am that bad, stop following me and skip Haya’s scenes, but one more threat and I will publicly post them with your name and YouTube channels.”

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