Ali Rehman Khan shares True Feelings about ‘Guru’ Role

On ‘Mazaaq Raat’, Ali Rehman Khan spoke about his role in ‘Guru’ and shared his true feelings about playing an intersex character.

Ali Rehman Khan shares True Feelings about 'Guru' Role f

"They scared me and obviously, you tend to listen to others."

Ali Rehman Khan has recently spoken about his role in the popular drama serial Guru.

Ali plays the role of an intersex character who changes his image to look after a baby girl he finds abandoned outside his home.

Appearing on Mazaaq Raat, Ali described his most recent role as tricky and admitted that it may take a toll on his acting career.

Host Imran Ashraf asked Ali if he had any reservations about the character before he accepted the role and if anyone had dissuaded him from taking on the script.

Ali Rehman replied: “I see my seniors and colleagues and my fellow actors who have done good work.

“They’ve done very daring roles and that pleases me.

“I get pleased. If one should get a role like this the actor inside says I must do this now, I can do this.

“But what you said, there are many voices in the industry who say that you’re a hero.

“People said no. They scared me and obviously, you tend to listen to others.

“But then I think there were also those voices that were very supportive and they told me that this is your destiny. This is your identification.”

During a Q&A interaction with the audience, Ali was asked to detail a learning curve in his life that left him with a lifelong lesson.

Ali shared: “I have one message. If you have one dream and one passion, chase it.

“I always wanted to become an actor, but my father told me to study business.

“I wasn’t good at it, but acting was my passion.

“They say if you love something, go for it, do the best that you can and you will be successful.”

Ali Rehman is most known for his romantic heroic roles during his acting career.

When he shared the trailer for Guru, he was applauded and appreciated for his versatility as an actor.

Since the drama aired, Ali has been commended for his portrayal of an intersex character.

He revealed that he spent a considerable amount of time with the intersex community so that he could learn from them to do justice to the role.

The drama stars an ensemble cast of Zhalay Sarhadi, Hira Khan, Mohsin Ejaz and Umer Alam.

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