Ali Rehman Khan discusses challenging ‘Guru’ Role

Ali Rehman Khan opened up about his role in the show ‘Guru’, which is about the lives of four transgender people.

Ali Rehman Khan discusses challenging 'Guru' Role fg

“I felt anxious because I wanted to do justice to my character."

Ali Rehman Khan can be seen once again on our television screens with his new drama serial Guru, based on the lives of transgenders.

Khan has impressed viewers with his new character, and with the way in which he portrays the lead role of Guru Sattar.

Speaking about the role, Khan spoke about the amount of work that went into executing his role in order to make the character look genuine and as close to reality as possible.

Ali Rehman Khan said: “I researched this character a lot.

“If I played this character without research then it would have been very different.

“I felt anxious because I wanted to do justice to my character.

“I felt that if I was to portray a certain character I want to do it with honesty, this was the biggest stress for me.”

Speaking about his makeup look that was created for Guru, Khan revealed that it was a joint effort with producer Shazia Wajahat, who worked hard with the makeup team, whilst he concentrated on the outfits.

Khan continued: “Shazia decided what kind of look she wanted to go for, and we all discussed this together. I wanted the costume to be natural.

“It was a collaborative effort and we carried out a lot of research so we could stay as natural to the characters as possible.”

Ali Rehman Khan went on to reveal that he spent time with the transgender community so that he could learn their characteristics and accents for uniqueness.

He added: “I tried a range of accents but I wasn’t happy with them. I practised a lot, and I listened to them [intersex community] speak.”

Khan was questioned as to why a transgender person was not cast for this role as there was the need for four people in the main role.

He replied that they had in fact auditioned people from the community but they weren’t acting professionals.

He went on to express his admiration for the movie Joyland and stated that he felt people from the transgender community should try their hand at acting.

Although just a few episodes in, Guru is proving to be a hit among viewers.

The drama revolves around four members of the transgender community and the challenges they face after they take in a baby girl who was left on a dump heap outside their house.

Ali Rehman Khan is receiving immense praise and admiration for his portrayal of the lead role and revealed that his mother told him this was the best role of his career so far.

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