Sunny Leone seduces in ‘Paani Wala Dance’

The sexy Sunny Leone is scintillatingly seductive in her new music video ‘Paani Wala Dance’ for her upcoming film Kuch Kuch Locha Hai. DESIblitz has more.

Sunny Leone 'Paani wala dance' Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

There is no illusion as to who is the centre of attention. All eyes are firmly fixated upon Sunny.

If you are a South Asian male between the ages of 16-55, chances are that you have already watched or are dying to see Sunny Leone’s new music video ‘Paani Wala Dance’, from her upcoming film, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai.

In the old school Bollywood dramebaaz genre of film, there would be an iconic romantic ‘wet scene’.

The hero and heroine would be falling head over heels for each other as they got drenched under relentless drops of rain (or baarish if you’re a hopeless romantic).

The desi fixation with the ‘wet scene’ would mean that the heroine would appear as particularly attractive to the male audience, irrespective of age, religion, class, caste etc.

The beauty and highly-charged nature of these scenes could transcend language and cultural barriers.

Sunny Leone 'Paani wala dance' Kuch Kuch Locha HaiFast forward to the middle of the 2010s and contemporary India seems bored of those old outdated and soppy scenes. The raunchiness and sexiness is glitzy and glamourous, care-free and fun.

Many viewers may see similarities between ‘Paani Wala Dance’ and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s ‘Sunny Sunny’ from Yaariyaan (2014). The parallels between the two can be seen in the tunes of the songs, and the water theme and beach setting of the videos.

The former adult entertainment star, Sunny, is her sultry self, wooing her audience with dazzling dance moves, colourful bikinis, and flirtatious vibes.

Ram Kapoor also features in ‘Paani Wala Dance’. But there is no illusion as to who is the centre of attention. All eyes are firmly fixated upon Sunny.

‘Paani wala dance’ is sung by Shraddha Pandit, Ikka, and Arko, and the latter two also wrote the lyrics for the track. The video which was shot at the Sunset Ashram in Goa, was choreographed by Vishnu Deva.

Watch the ‘Paani Wala Dance’ music video here:


The storyline of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai centres on a 45-year-old Gujarati man, Pravin Patel (Ram Kapoor), who lives with his wife Kokila, and a son who dreams of being a rockstar. However, Pravin soon falls in love with a film star, Shanaya, played by Sunny Leone.

Within six days of release, ‘Paani Wala Dance’ has received nearly 1.8 million YouTube hits. Furthermore, as you would expect there has been much hype on social media.

Ram Kapoor, who features in the video, said in a tweet: “This is me playing a rapper for the 1st time, hope u like our brand new track #PaaniWalaDance from @KKLHtheFilm.”

Bollywood trade analyst, Komal Natha, tweeted: “Summer just got hotter. @SunnyLeone’s brand new track #PaaniWalaDance is here, check it out.”

Indian journalist Devansh Patel tweeted:

“I’m wet already! Are you? Here’s @SunnyLeone scorching it & how in #PaaniWalaDance from @KKLHtheFilm.”

Looking at ‘Baby Doll’ from Ragini MMS 2 (2014), ‘Desi Look’ from Ek Paheli Leela (2015), and now this music video, there appears to be a Sunny Leone success formula.

What is the key to Sunny Leone’s success? It would seem to be as follows. The song should have a catchy tune and infectious beat. Sunny Leone will sway, swirl, and shake to said tune and beat.

Sunny Leone 'Paani wala dance' Kuch Kuch Locha HaiSunny’s sexy outfits will complement the aforementioned features and the raunchy lyrics.

As the tried-and-tested formula has been previously successful, there is no need to fix what is not broken. But turning up the temperature from the previous songs will create an impact. Voila!

And it definitely works! Not only have Sunny Leone’s music videos been massive internet sensations creating a massive buzz, the Sunny Leone brand name brings in revenue.

If her previous music videos are anything to go by ‘Paani Wala Dance’ will surely be another hit!

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, which is written and directed by Devang Dholakia, and produced by Mukesh Purohit, also stars Evelyn Sharma, Navdeep Chabbra, and Suchita Trivedi.

Despite the raunchiness of ‘Paani Wala Dance’, the makers of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai say that it is a light-hearted fun-filled comedy which can be enjoyed all.

You can catch Kuch Kuch Locha Hai in cinemas from Friday 8th May 2015.

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