Priyanka Chopra seduces in Quantico Poster

The official posters of Quantico are here! But it seems the TV gig isn’t the only thing lined up for Priyanka Chopra in America. DESIblitz finds out more!

Priyanka Chopra seduces in Quantico Poster

"You are world's most wanted! Can you blame the world if you look the way you look?"

Counting down to a little over two months before her debut on American TV, Priyanka Chopra teases us again in the new posters for Quantico!

PeeCee, looking stunning as always, poses in an FBI jacket and handcuffs in the first poster shared on her Twitter.

The tweet has been favourited over 2,500 times and prompted Priyanka to give us a peek into another official poster.

Holding the FBI badge in her hand, the beautiful actress and singer gently presses it against her voluptuous and inviting lips.

She instantly receives a lot of loving comments from her fans:

@Shezaahmed17 tweets: “OMG Perfection !! I’m dead *______*”

One very passionate fan @zoya_shahid makes a special request:

“if Americas top recruit is this good looking she will become the most wanted obviously ! Please arrest me agent I’m guilty”

And the user continues to praise: “you are worlds most wanted ! Can you blame the world if you look the way you look ! Holy wow PC I am in love again”

Priyanka Chopra seduces in Quantico Poster

The upcoming ABC drama is most definitely using Priyanka’s sexy charm to hook their audience, as the latest trailer also sees her in handcuffs and wearing nothing but an FBI flag.

If you still haven’t heard, the Bollywood actress is on course to make history by becoming the first Bollywood actor to take the lead in a US TV drama.

Priyanka plays Alex Weaver, a half-Caucasian and half-Indian FBI trainee tangled in a terrorist plot, while training at the FBI Academy’s base in Quantico, Virginia.

The official posters of Quantico are here! But it seems the TV gig isn't the only thing lined up for Priyanka Chopra in America.Set to air in September 2015, she has returned to the US to continue shooting.

It looks like she will stay over there for a while, as the Bajirao Mastani (2015) actress recently gave us the lowdown on her music career.

She said:

“I’ve recorded a pop single with an American rap artist.”

“Since it’s not on my label, I can’t make any announcements. The song is being produced by an American record company.”

A brand new TV show and a hot new track? The former beauty queen really knows how to leave us wanting more!

She previously collaborated with American rappers (‘In My City’) and Pitbull (‘Exotic’) and was commended for her work.

Pitbull said: “I was very positive about the track; it had an upbeat music and the ­wonderful voice of Priyanka.”

“[She] is extremely talented and will definitely go a long way.”

Could Dr. Dre be her next collaboration? PeeCee appeared in Beats By Dre commercial in May 2014 (video below) and the ad has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. We cannot wait to find out!


Quantico will begin on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 10pm (US time) on ABC.

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Images courtesy of ABC

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