Ranbir Kapoor defends Lengthy Run Time of ‘Animal’

Ranbir Kapoor supported the long running time of his upcoming film ‘Animal’. The film is reportedly over 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Animal' to have Biggest US Release f

"Just come and experience cinema at its best."

At the trailer launch of his upcoming film Animal, Ranbir Kapoor defended the long run time of the film.

At a run time of approximately 201 minutes, Animal is one of Bollywood’s longest films.

It is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The movie was described as a “father-son story carved in blood” in its trailer.

It stars Ranbir as Arjan Vailly Singh. Anil Kapoor portrays the father, Balbir Singh.

Meanwhile, Rashmika Mandanna plays Arjun’s wife Geetanjali Singh, while Bobby Deol essays the villain.

Ranbir Kapoor defended the excessive length of Animal.

The star asserted that they simply adhered to the requirements of the movie.

He said: “We are not releasing a film this long because we are arrogant about it.

“We felt that the story required this amount of time to reach the audience in the best way possible.”

“And actually, all of us have seen the cut of this film which was three hours, 49 minutes, and that also held.

“That was also entertaining. But Sandeep has worked very hard to bring the length down.

“Because you cannot stretch it that much also.

“But hope that the audience doesn’t get panicked by the length.

“Just come and experience cinema at its best.”

Rashmika added: “So I feel like if you have to enter their world and understand from what psyche they are coming, you need so much time.

“That is the instinct that we have gone by. And the film is so strong, and it holds so well.

“I don’t think it’s something to worry about.”

Animal will reportedly contain gory fight scenes and will also shed light on domestic abuse.

Owing to this, the film has been given an ‘A’ certificate by Indian film censors.

The British Board of Film Certification has also awarded the film an ’18’ rating – the highest film rating in the UK.

Ranbir also briefly touched upon the film’s title. He explained:

“Once you see the film, you will understand.”

Due to masses of advance bookings, the film has already earned over Rs. 3 crore (£2 million).

The film has reportedly sold over 52,500 tickets.

The movie explores Arjan’s journey of revenge after Balbir is shot and wounded.

Animal also stars Tripti Dimri in a pivotal role. Veteran actors Suresh Oberoi and Prem Chopra also make appearances in the film.

Animal is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2023.

Watch the trailer:


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