When did Shamoon Abbasi Marry Sherry Shah?

The revelation that Shamoon Abbasi married Sherry Shah surprised fans and even more so when they revealed when they actually tied the knot.

When did Shamoon Abbasi Marry Sherry Shah f

"Hence, I am proud to have married again"

Shamoon Abbasi has surprised fans even more by revealing when he actually married his Durj co-star Sherry Shah.

On April 4, 2023, Sherry caused a surprise when she wished Shamoon a happy birthday and referred to him as her husband.

She wrote: “I appreciate so many things about you—your strength, your calmness, your character and integrity, your sense of humour, your way of seeing the beauty in the world and how fun you are to be with and how beautiful my life has become because of you.

“Thanks for being the best thing in my life, every hardship is a walk in the park when you are around.

“I feel so blessed to have you as my life partner. Thanks for existing. Happy Birthday hubs.”

At the time, fans were taken aback by the surprise announcement, with one writing:

“You married? Who’s the guy? Show his face!”

Another posted shock face emojis and wrote: “Shamoon Abbasi.”

The actor has now opened up about his marriage and revealed when he actually tied the knot with Sherry.

Posting a picture of himself with Sherry, Shamoon wrote:

“Getting married to someone in front of Allah’s name is better than to have girlfriends living with you and being called a stud.”

Shamoon added that he is proud to have married again.

He continued: “Hence, I am proud to have married again because I always wanted a life that brought peace into my life, and I finally found that peace in her.”

Shamoon had been married three times before.

He married Javeria Abbasi in 1997. They divorced in 2009.

That same year, Shamoon tied the knot with actress Humaima Malick. However, their marriage was short-lived as they divorced one year later in 2010.

The actor married Javeria Randhawa in 2010 and their marriage lasted four years.

Despite his fourth marriage only just coming to light, Shamoon revealed that he has actually been married to his co-star since 2019.

He explained:

“The fact is that Sherry Shah and I got married four years ago and never shared the news on social media because of the toxicity of social media.”

“Now that it’s public, I would like to thank everyone by heart who sent their prayers for both of us after reading the post about our marriage.”

Sarcastically aiming a dig at the trolls, Shamoon added:

“I know many will want to joke and troll this news… but I think haters will hate potatoes will potate and rotis will rotate .. so it’s all good.”

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