‘Pushpa – The Rule’ showcases Allu Arjun’s Fiery Return

The much-anticipated teaser for ‘Pushpa – The Rule’ has been released and it showcases Allu Arjun’s fiery return as the titular character.

Pushpa - The Rule showcases Allu Arjun's Fiery Return f

"when a tiger only moves backwards, it's because of Pushpa."

The teaser of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa – The Rule has been unveiled and fans are excited.

Since Pushpa – The Rise released in 2021 and ended on a cliffhanger, fans have been wondering when the sequel would arrive.

Now the day before lead star Allu Arjun, the sequel’s teaser has been released, revealing what the titular character’s escape has led to and the fact that he is ready to rule.

The trailer begins with a massive hunt for Pushpa, who was shot several times whilst trying to escape prison.

Although a hunt is on, nobody knows where he is.

While the police are busy searching for him, Pushpa’s supporters voice their love for Pushpa, who has helped them several times with the money he stole.

This leads to chaos, with protests and violence happening.

As the search for Pushpa continues, there is the belief that he might have fled to China, Japan or Malaysia.

The chaos and manhunt come to an abrupt end when footage from a forest is played.

Nighttime footage shows a tiger roaming around before growling. The tiger then takes a step back as a hooded figure walks into the shot.

The figure briefly turns to the camera, revealing that it is Pushpa.

His reveal prompts cheers from his supporters who had been watching the news unfold.

Meanwhile, the narrator describes Pushpa as a force to be reckoned with, stating:

“When an animal takes two steps backwards, it’s because of a tiger, but when a tiger only moves backwards, it’s because of Pushpa.”

The end of the trailer shows Pushpa showing off his swagger in a police station. His only words are:

“It’s time for Pushpa’s rule.”

The trailer immediately got fans excited, with one person writing:

“Goosebumps. Pushpa is back. Can’t wait to see this movie in theatres. All time blockbuster.”

Another said: “Ready to break all the box office records.”

A third said: “He rules the box office very soon… Pushpa on fire.”

Some believed the upcoming film could overtake Pathaan‘s box office numbers.

One fan said: “Now Pathaan is in the danger zone because Pushpa is coming fire on the box office.”

The teaser only showed a glimpse of the titular character while nothing was seen of other main stars like Rashmika Mandanna, who became a household name with her performance as Pushpa’s wife Srivalli.

It is also not known when Pushpa – The Rule will release.

There is speculation that it could release towards the end of 2023, director Sukumar also suggested that it might be out in early 2024.

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