Vicky Kaushal breaks silence on Security ‘Push’

After a video seemingly showed Salman Khan’s security staff pushing Vicky Kaushal aside, the latter broke his silence on the matter.

Vicky Kaushal breaks silence on Security 'Push' f

"There is no point in talking about that."

Vicky Kaushal has reacted to the incident which saw him seemingly pushed aside by Salman Khan’s security staff.

Both stars are in Abu Dhabi for IIFA 2023.

However, a video apparently showed an awkward moment between the pair.

Vicky had been taking selfies with fans when Salman walked in from the other side, surrounded by his security.

One member of Salman’s entourage was seen holding Vicky from behind and ushering him aside to make way for Salman.

Vicky saw Salman and greeted him.

However, Salman seemingly did not acknowledge Vicky’s greeting, only looking at him with a stoic expression before going on his way.

The video divided fans, with some wondering why Salman was behaving like that.

One had said: “People were pushing Vicky to the side, how rude! Bhai is bhai but at least gives others some respect.”

Another commented: “That was arrogant, rude asf.. but, damn! Talk about star power. Vicky was bulldozed aside like he was no one.”

Others understood why Salman had such a large security team.

There was even the belief that the two actors were embroiled in a feud with one another.

Vicky has now broken his silence on the matter, stating that matters “are blown out of proportion”.

On the IIFA Rocks 2023 green carpet, Vicky said:

“Several times things are blown out of proportion. There are unnecessary chatters about many things.

“Things are not actually as they seem sometimes in the video. There is no point in talking about that.”

Speculation of a feud was also dispelled after a video showed Vicky and Salman sharing a warm embrace.

In the viral clip, Vicky was seen talking to the media.

Meanwhile, Salman and his team made their way along the green carpet.

He approaches Vicky, who turns around and the pair hug. They share a few pleasant words before Salman continues on his way.

Vicky also exchanged pleasantries with Salman’s trusted bodyguard, Shera, further indicating that all was well between the stars.

Reacting to the clip, one fan wrote:

“Awwww!!! Haters can go cry in a corner now!”

Another said: “I didn’t want to comment on the alleged shoving until I watched the video.

“I just did and I must admit that I can’t see why this is being made a big deal.”

Vicky Kaushal is set to host the IIFA 2023 Awards alongside Abhishek Bachchan.

He has been sharing glimpses of his rehearsals on Instagram.

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