Indian Businessman killed by Gay Lover for not ending Affair

In Bengaluru, a businessman was killed by his gay lover as the latter wanted to end their relationship but the victim refused.

Indian Businessman killed by Gay Lover for not ending Relationship f

it was revealed that their same-sex affair was a secret

An Indian businessman was killed by his gay lover after he refused to end their relationship, a request that had been made by the accused on numerous occasions.

The incident happened in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Police identified the victim as 44-year-old Liyakath Ali Khan, who ran an advertising agency in the city. Meanwhile, the accused was Ilyaz Khan, aged 26.

Liyakath’s death initially came to light on February 28, 2023. His close aide Ilyaz was later arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police initially believed that the young man killed the businessman over a financial dispute. It was later revealed that the pair were lovers.

It was reported that Ilyaz wanted to end their relationship but Liyakath refused, allegedly coercing him into continuing their affair.

During the investigation, it was revealed that their same-sex affair was a secret and Ilyaz wanted to end it out of fear that their affair would become public and their families would find out.

Ilyaz was afraid that the truth about his relationship would come out and he had told Liyakath that he wanted to marry a woman.

The pair developed a relationship during the lockdown and it continued.

But in 2023, Ilyaz was planning to get married to a woman as per the wishes of his family.

Meanwhile, the businessman was already married to a woman and had two children from a previous marriage.

The lovers met for a sexual tryst at an old building in Nayandahalli, however, an argument led to the brutal murder.

A police official said: “On the day of the incident, the accused and deceased were engaged in a sexual act.

“During the course, they both had an argument about Ilyas’ future and in a fit of rage, Ilyas hit Liyakath with a hammer and later stabbed him with scissors.”

The murder came to light when the victim’s son had gone out looking for his father due to him being missing.

While searching for his father, he turned up at the building.

The son eventually discovered his father’s body with multiple stab wounds at around 2 am.

After a police complaint was filed by the son, an investigation was launched. Officers initially suspected that three people were involved.

They later narrowed it down to Ilyaz, a close friend of the businessman.

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