TikToker killed Mother’s Lover to ‘Hide Affair’

A TikTok influencer and her mother are accused of murdering the latter’s secret lover in a bid to hide the affair.

TikToker killed Mother's Lover to 'Hide Affair' f


"I am sorry that this year you'll be gone"

TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari and her mother are accused of murdering the latter’s secret lover and his friend in a bid to hide the affair.

Leicester Crown Court recently heard a recording of a 999 call made by Saqib Hussain just moments before he and Hashim Ijazuddin were killed.

In the call, he claimed that their car was being rammed off the road by balaclava-wearing assailants following in two pursuing cars.

Mr Hussain was heard pleading for help and begging for his life before the call was cut short.

Footage from the crash scene showed the Skoda in flames, resting against a tree by the Six Hills junction near Leicester.

The court was told that Mr Hussain was having a three-year affair with Ansreen Bukhari, who was married with children.

The relationship started as a bit of fun but later became serious, with Mr Hussain telling his family that he was in love.

During their time together, Mr Hussain spent up to £3,000 on dates with Ansreen.

Mr Hussain had sexually explicit content of him and Ansreen.

When she tried to end the affair, his behaviour became obsessive to the point that he threatened to leak the sextapes.

Prosecutor Collingwood Thompson KC said:

“This anger manifested itself in an attempt to blackmail Ansreen Bukhari in order to persuade her to contact him.

“Messages show that sexually explicit material of her, which had obviously been taken some time before, and he threatened to send it to her husband and son.”

On January 4, 2022, Mahek Bukhari sent her mother a message which read:

“I’ll get him jumped by guys, and he won’t know what day it is.”

When Mr Hussain also tried to get Mahek Bukhari to get her mother to reply to him, the influencer replied:

“She ain’t a dog, don’t f****** raise your voice and tell me what to do.”

Later, she allegedly told him: “I am sorry that this year you’ll be gone, Saqib.”

Six others became involved and it is alleged that the Bukharis needed to “silence” Mr Hussain.

TikToker killed Mother's Lover to 'Hide Affair'

They lured him to a meeting where they promised to give him his money.

However, the TikToker and her mother were actually plotting to seize Mr Hussain’s phone containing the sex videos.

It resulted in a high-speed pursuit which ended in a fatal and fiery crash.

The court was told that the case was one of love, obsession, extortion, and ultimately, cold-blooded murder.

The trial continues.

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