Indian Women brawl over Saree during Shop Sale

In a viral video, two Indian women were seen fighting over a saree in front of shoppers during a sale event at a Bengaluru store.

Indian Women brawl over Saree during Shop Sale f

One woman is seen hitting the other over the head.

A sale event turned violent as two Indian women came to blows over a saree.

The incident took place at a silk store in Bengaluru, which was holding its annual sale event in order to get rid of old stock.

The viral video shows a group of shoppers looking at sarees but in the background, two women are heard having a heated argument.

It is believed that they were interested in a particular saree and because there was only one in stock, they argued over who should get it.

A saree is suddenly thrown across the store before the shouting quickly turns into a fight.

Some shoppers turn around to see the escalating situation.

One woman is seen hitting the other over the head.

Security staff quickly intervene but are unsuccessful as the scene descends into chaos.

The woman who was initially being slapped violently grabs the other lady by her hair and she screams in pain as she attempts to get away.

Eventually, security and shop assistants manage to separate the Indian women.

Shouting is heard as one of the women is escorted out of the busy shop while the other remains inside.

As staff members continue to try and calm the situation down, the video shows a mixture of reactions from the shoppers.

Some are unsurprisingly shocked by the fight.

However, one is seen taking her phone out to film the mayhem.

Others are laughing and talking about what just happened while some continue to shop for discounts as if nothing happened.

The viral video prompted a mixture of reactions on social media.

A concerned viewer said: “Too much fight for a saree. Hope that lady is safe without any head injury.”

One user likened the fight to a bar brawl.

Another pointed out the oblivious customers, writing:

“I like the ones who are shopping without even turning their heads to see what’s happening… oblivious of the ruckus.”

One said it “shows in what great demand their sarees are. This video can be shown as an advertisement”.

A netizen remarked: “In this country, people fight for land, money, and sarees.”

One person suggested that the fighting women could be tailors trying to make the most out of the sale, writing:

“I feel all the women who fight to buy in such damaged sarees are tailors or fashion designers, who can stitch readymade garments and sell them at a good profit.

“So, all effort to make some money.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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