Married Mother began Affair with Murdered Lover when he was 18

A court heard that a married mother accused of murdering her younger lover began an affair with him when he was 18.

Married Mother began Affair with Murdered Lover when he was 18 f

"If I didn't take his video calls he would get angry."

A married mother who is accused of murdering her lover and his friend told Leicester Crown Court that she began an affair with him when he was 18.

Ansreen Bukhari, aged 47, and her influencer daughter Mahek are currently on trial for the murders of Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin.

In court, Ansreen said her daughter was “very angry” when she found out about the affair.

Ansreen met Mr Hussain when he was 18. He told her he was 27 and persuaded her to meet him at a Birmingham hotel, where they slept together.

She described feeling “scared” later in the relationship and trying to end it.

Responding to questions from her barrister, Patrick Upward KC, Ansreen said “pornographic” videos Mr Hussain made of her were from online video chats and she did not know he was recording her.

She said her lover would ask her to do things during the chats and she would remove her clothes for him.

Ansreen told the court: “He was telling me to do things I didn’t know he was recording.”

She said it was “getting worse and worse”, adding:

“If I didn’t take his video calls he would get angry.”

The second time they had sex was in early 2021 at a Premier Inn in London, which Mahek and Ansreen had booked for themselves.

Mr Hussain went to see her and she wanted to end things with him.

Ansreen said: “I wanted to finish it off quite a few times, but it didn’t work that way.”

When asked if she wanted to have sex with her lover a second time, she replied:

“Not really.”

Mr Upward asked: “Were you happy to have sex with him on this occasion?”

Ansreen said no but she was not forced to have sex.

She also said Mr Hussain showered her with gifts, some of which were sent to her home in Stoke-on-Trent, where she lived with her husband, son and Mahek.

Whenever she tried to end the relationship, she said, Mr Hussain resisted and often got angry.

Describing what happened when Mr Hussain allegedly got angry, she said:

“He used to swear at me and it was just not nice – the wording that he used to say.”

Asked why she did not report his behaviour to the police, Ansreen said:

“I was too scared the police were going to come to my house and my husband and my family were going to find out.”

In December 2021, Mahek found out about the affair.

She said:

“I told her at the end of the year that we had a sexual relationship. She was angry.”

“She said, ‘I can’t believe what you’ve just told me’. She was very angry.”

Ansreen, Mahek and six defendants allegedly ambushed Mr Hussain at Tesco in Hamilton, Leicester, after claiming they were going to pay him £3,000 for the gifts he had bought for Ansreen.

When he arrived at Tesco, with his friend Hashim Ijazuddin driving, he only paused for a few seconds in the car park before fleeing.

In two cars, the defendants allegedly pursued the pair before their Skoda came off the dual carriageway and hit a tree, killing them both.

The defendants are: Natasha Akhtar, Ansreen Bukhari, Mahek Bukhari, Raees Jamal, Rekan Karwan, Mohammed Patel, Sanaf Gulammustafa and Ameer Jamal.

They all deny two counts of murder. The trial continues.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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