Indian Mother catches Daughter with Married Lover

An Indian mother from Uttar Pradesh caught her daughter with her married lover. The matter unfolded on the side of a busy street.

Indian Mother catches Daughter with Married Lover f

She grabbed her hair and began hitting her.

In a bizarre incident, an Indian mother beat her daughter after catching her with her lover.

The woman found out that her daughter was seeing a man named Bablu who was married.

The revelation enraged her and it led to her grabbing her daughter by the hair and beating her.

The incident happened in the city of Banda, Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the young woman was a university student while her mother was a contract worker.

On the day of the incident, the unnamed mother was out when she saw her daughter at the market with Bablu. Seeing this, the mother became angry and confronted her daughter.

She grabbed her hair and began hitting her.

People in the area saw what was going on and gathered around. As the Indian mother shouted at her daughter, some witnesses filmed the incident.

The woman held her daughter’s hair and berated her while the young woman tried to get away.

Despite trying to loosen her mother’s grip, the woman was unsuccessful.

Indian Mother catches Daughter with Married Lover - beating

It was also revealed that the daughter tried to snatch one person’s phone when she caught them filming the matter. Meanwhile, Bablu fled the scene.

The mother explained that Bablu was married but he continued to lure her daughter into an illicit relationship.

She revealed that Bablu was a father to two children and had been married twice. His first wife died while he was in a dispute with his second wife.

The matter involving his second wife is currently being presented before the court.

While there are numerous cases of illicit relationships taking place in India. In some cases, family members take matters into their own hands when they find out.

In one incident, a married woman and her lover were tied to a tree and beaten by her in-laws.

Some of the villagers filmed the incident and shared it online.

The video ended up going viral and it caught the attention of the police who identified the location of the incident and arrived at the scene.

It was reported that the woman got married in the village and had two children. However, she later had an affair with another man.

The woman and her lover ended up getting married without the rest of her family knowing.

But on November 2, 2019, she went with her lover to her in-laws’ house to drop off her two children. The in-laws immediately realised that the woman was in an illicit relationship and grabbed both of them.

The woman and her lover were dragged outside and tied to a tree in the village.

The in-laws began hitting them which prompted other villagers to gather around. Some of them filmed the incident unfold and posted the footage on social media.

SHO Mahendra Singh revealed that a case has not been registered. He added that the police will take further action once they receive a complaint.

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