Indian Mother catches Daughter writing Suicide Note

An Indian mother from Gujarat found out her daughter was planning to take her own life after she caught her writing a suicide note.

Indian Mother catches Daughter writing Suicide Note f

she was sexually assaulted by the men in a moving car.

An Indian mother caught her daughter writing a suicide note which revealed that she was gang-raped by six men.

As a result, the woman registered a police complaint against the accused. The incident happened in Amreli, Gujarat.

The young girl had been in the living room writing the suicide note in front of her mother. When her mother asked what she was doing, the girl lied and claimed it was homework.

However, the woman looked at her daughter and saw a sad expression which made her believe that something was wrong.

The woman took the piece of paper and discovered that her daughter had been gang-raped and that she wanted to take her own life as a result.

The letter explained in detail what had happened and stated that her cousin and five other men that she knew were responsible.

According to the girl, she was sexually assaulted by the men in a moving car.

The suicide note revealed her ordeal and that she wanted to take her own life after the incident left her mentally broken.

The girl had lied about the letter because she did not want her mother to become upset.

After reading the letter, the Indian mother went to the police and explained what happened to her daughter. She also showed them the note.

Based on the complaint, officers registered a case against the six suspects.

Police explained that the suspects are from the Gujarati cities of Ahmedabad, Junagadh and Amreli. Officers are currently searching for the accused.

The effect a rape can have on someone mentally can lead to and has led to suicide.

In one case, a woman from Uttar Pradesh took her own life after the two men she accused of raping her were released.

She had alleged that Shankar Dayal and Ashok Kumar repeatedly raped her in August 2018 and also filmed the attack.

The case was initially investigated by the local police but it was later handed to the district crime branch. Two officers ended up giving a verbal certificate of exoneration to Dayal and Kumar.

Due to the injustice, the woman hung herself at her home.

Her husband accused the police of negligence in the investigation and it led to two officers being suspended on January 14, 2019.

Both Dayal and Kumar left the area of Kernalganj, Uttar Pradesh. Officers said that further investigations will take place.

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