Indian Mother and Lover kill Son for Disapproving of their Affair

Mother, Subhadra Devi and her live-in lover, Ajeet Kumar Mishra, have been charged with the murder of her son, who was not happy with their relationship.

Indian Mother and Lover kill Son for Disapproving of their Affair f

"They may have also strangled him with the muffler"

An Indian man, Ravinder Pathak, was killed by his mother and her live-in partner in Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar for disapproving of her illicit relationship with the man.

Pathak, aged 30, who is from Basti in Utter Pradesh was staying with his mother, Subhadra Devi, aged 51, and her younger lover, Ajeet Kumar Mishra, aged 30.

He had after recently moved in with them in the rented accommodation in New Ashok Nagar.

On Saturday, January 26, 2019, in the evening Pathak after returning home from work as a rickshaw driver in Noida, Delhi, he came home to his mother and partner in the middle of a reprehensible act.

They were also drinking and intoxicated with drugs, which they did often.

In a “furious” state and objecting to what he saw, led Pathak to have a very heated argument and an altercation with his mother and Ajeet, according to police.

As the three of them argued and bickered, the fracas quickly evolved in a violent brawl between them into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Devi and Mishra used sticks and bricks in the violent exchange to beat Pathak.

The severe beating by the two and a major blow to the head with a brick by Mishra took Ravinder’s life, resulting in his death.

Jasmeet Singh, additional deputy commissioner of police from Delhi East, said:

“There was also a muffler lying at the crime spot. They may have also strangled him with the muffler.”

Then, in a sudden panic, Pathak’s mother and lover left Pathak at their residence and went to her daughter’s house which was in Azadpur, Delhi.

They told the daughter and Devi’s son-in-law that Pathak and been in an accident. Subsequently, Ajeet called the ambulance to report the incident as taking place in Noida, to act out their innocence.

However, when the ambulance arrived in Noida, they were then told that Pathak was at their residence in New Ashok Nagar.

When the ambulance then turned up at Devi and Mishra’s place, the staff found Pathak on the floor, now surrounded in a pool of blood.

Police said it was the ambulance driver who contacted them and informed them of what they found, which did not look like an accident. An officer said:

“When the ambulance staff saw the crime scene and Pathak’s injuries, they realised that it was a murder case.”

“They informed the police around 8.30am.”

Devi’s son-in-law also suspected that something was not right with their story. He convinced them to go back to their residence with him.

Singh said:

“Devi’s son-in-law noticed a lot of blood on Mishra’s pants and realised he was lying.

“He convinced them to hop onto an auto-rickshaw and visit the crime scene.

“Mishra tried to jump out of the auto-rickshaw mid-way too, but Devi’s son-in-law ensured he couldn’t escape.”

When they arrived, police were waiting for them and charged the two for murder and arrested them.

Devi and Mishra also have a three-month-old son. Singh added:

“The woman [Devi] had deserted her husband who lives at his native village in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh.”

Pathak was also married but his wife had left him.

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