Indian Girl kills Herself due to Affair with Two Boys

In a tragic incident, an Indian girl from Bihar allegedly took her own life due to having an affair with two boys from her village.

Indian Girl kills Herself due to Affair with Two Boys f

Aarti had been found hanging from her ceiling fan

An Indian girl from Pipra village in Taraiya, Bihar, allegedly committed suicide on January 10, 2021.

The 16-year-old girl, Aarti Kumari, left a suicide note which cited social shame as the reason for her suicide.

Aarti was allegedly in a relationship with two boys from her village, Neeraj Ram and Bhushan Ram.

The police reported that Aarti and Bhushan had been noticed in each other’s company by some of the villagers.

The news of the two together had spread throughout the village, and the two had been ridiculed and shamed.

Two days after the incident, Aarti was found hanging from her ceiling fan with a dupatta.

Aarti’s father, Madhav Ram, stated that at the time of the incident he and his family were away to attend a family member’s funeral.

He further stated that his daughter had not been in a relationship with either of the boys.

Instead, he claimed that Aarti had been molested and abused by the boys while on her way to school.

Madhav alleged that his daughter committed suicide to escape her abusers.

Madhav and his family had reportedly found Aarti’s body after they returned from the family member’s funeral.

The family then proceeded to cover Aarti’s body in a sack and hid it under the dorms to avoid being embroiled in her suicide.

The police had received a tip-off about Aarti’s death and found her body after a thorough search of the house.

The police uncovered Aarti’s suicide note along with her body, in which Aarti had apologised to her mother and father.

Aarti went on to state that she would not have erased this sin even with the water of the Ganges.

In the note, she said that “we are not the way everyone understands us”.

The police are further attempting to investigate what Aarti could have meant in her suicide note.

Meanwhile, Aarti’s father has filed an FIR (First Incident Report) against Neeraj Ram and  Bhushan Ram.

He reported that the two had allegedly molested and abused his daughter, leading to her suicide.

He further stated that Bhushan offered to tutor Aarti and instead used the opportunity to seduce and molest her along with his friend Neeraj.

The police have not made any arrests in regards to Aarti’s alleged suicide, investigations on the matter are still ongoing.

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