Indian Man cuts Wife’s Hair to Stop Her being Beautiful

In a shocking incident, an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh cut off his wife’s hair. It was reported that it would stop her from being beautiful.

Indian Man cuts Wife's Hair to Stop Her being Beautiful f

Arif suspected that she met another man as a result of her beauty.

An Indian man had a police case registered against him after he cut his wife’s hair off to stop her from looking beautiful.

The incident happened in the city of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the man had been suspicious of his wife, believing that she was seeing another man whenever she went out.

After cutting her hair, he stated that no one would be attracted to her because she was no longer beautiful.

He then locked her in a room and went to work.

However, the woman managed to escape the room and go to Lisadigate Police Station where she explained her ordeal.

Roshni Ikram told police that she had been married to Arif Akbar since 2016.

The young woman explained that since their marriage, Arif has wrongly suspected that she was having an affair. Roshni also alleged that he beat her regularly.

According to the victim, Arif suspected that she met another man as a result of her beauty.

Roshni had previously spoken to her in-laws about her husband’s constant harassment but they did not do anything. The woman claimed that they defended their son’s actions.

Arif would usually tell Roshni to stay at home since she was beautiful.

Roshni told police that whenever she was out, Arif would check to see where she was. Four days before the attack, the couple had an argument which led to Arif locking her in a room.

On the morning of February 4, 2020, at around 11 am, the married couple had a row over Roshni’s suspected infidelity which resulted in her being beaten.

The Indian man then grabbed his wife and cut off her hair.

He told her that no one will want to look at her before locking the room door and leaving the house.

Later in the evening, Roshni managed to get out of the room and went to the police station where she explained her ordeal.

She demanded action to be taken against her husband and also requested a divorce.

After listening to her statement, police registered a case against her husband.

Police officers stated that Roshni’s hair was cut off as a way of insulting and humiliating her.

Inspector Prashant Kapil confirmed that a case had been registered. The investigation is ongoing as police are working to locate Arif’s whereabouts and to arrest him.

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