Pakistani Husband cuts of Wife’s Hair for Not Covering Head

A pakistani wife has registered a complaint against her husband who subjected her to physical abuse and cut her hair off for not covering her head.

Pakistani Husband cuts of Wife's Hair for Not Covering Head f

her dupatta slipped off her head

An incident in the Peshawar area of Pakistan has been reported of a husband cutting off his wife’s hair and physically abusing her because she did not cover her head at a wedding.

The wife of the husband registered a first information report (FIR) with police at Mathra police station on March 27, 2019.

The woman stated in her complaint that she had attended a wedding of her husband’s cousin in early March 2019. Then, while she was greeting and meeting relatives when the ceremony was taking place, her dupatta slipped off her head.

This was observed by her husband who is a member of the Malakand Levies force, which is a primary law enforcement agency tasked with maintaining law and order in the Malakand District.

The wife then told police what took place when they returned to their home.

She stated he immediately began to grill her over why she was not covering her head and then began physical abuse against her by beating her with repetitive punches and kicks.

The wife said:

“There was no one else in the room except my three-year-old child and so he continued beating me.”

The victim said then her husband picked up a pair of scissors and grabbed her to chop all her hair off by cutting it off aggressively.

The wife then stated that her husband then threatened to kill her if she revealed what had taken place to anyone. Hence, the reason why it has taken her time to report the incident to the police.

She is afraid that if the police do not react to the matter, her husband will continue with his physical abuse towards her.

Police are now investigating the matter of domestic abuse and violence against the woman and are taking steps to arrest the husband.

This case has emerged only days after another case where a man known as Faisal was arrested for shaving his wife, Asma Aziz’s hair off, beating her and stripping her naked, after she refused to dance for him.

The number of domestic violence cases has seen a growth in Pakistan. According to statistics for 2016, 26.8 per cent of Pakistani women said they have experienced some kind of partner abuse and violence.

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