Indian Cop kills his Girlfriend and Her Fiance after Rejection

Indian cop Dinesh Kumar killed a woman and her fiance after she allegedly ended her relationship with him to be with the other man.

Indian Cop kills his Girlfriend and Her Fiance after Rejection f

"the woman was going to get engaged to another man."

Indian cop Dinesh Kumar, from the Delhi police force, was arrested on Saturday, March 30, 2019, for murdering a woman and her fiance after he was rejected by her.

Kumar was an assistant sub-inspector with the Delhi Traffic Police and claimed that Preeti had ended her relationship with him.

He took revenge by shooting the woman and her fiance Annu Chauhan, aged 26, dead as they were coming out of a temple.

Kumar told police that he had been in a relationship with Preeti for 12 years. When he proposed to her, she declined and instead told him that she was getting engaged to Chauhan.

On March 25, 2019, as Annu and Preeti were coming out of a temple, Kumar shot them with his service revolver. The couple died instantly.

Officers said Kumar became enraged when he found out that Preeti had changed her phone number a week prior to the incident to prevent him from contacting her.

An FIR was lodged by Preeti’s father Pramod Kumar and the suspect was arrested.

Ghaziabad SSP Upender Kumar said:

“The accused has told us during questioning that he killed the woman and her friend because she had been ignoring him for some time and had even changed her phone number so that the traffic inspector could not contact her.

“What angered him all the more was that the woman was going to get engaged to another man.”

According to police, Kumar was a distant relative of the woman and had developed a liking for her. When he found out that Preeti and Annu had got engaged, he enlisted the help of his friend Pintu to kill them both.

SSP Kumar said: “On March 25, Dinesh finished his night duty around 8 am, reached the woman’s house in Ghaziabad along with Pintu and waited in a car.

“When Preeti went to the temple along with Annu, they followed them.

“Dinesh confronted the couple when they came out of the temple. He repeatedly asked Preeti to sever ties with Annu, but the woman kept refusing.

“Angry, Dinesh shot both of them with his revolver and fled the spot.”

The couple was shot at least three times each from point blank range.

Officers recovered a 9 mm service revolver, three live cartridges and the car which was used by Kumar and Pintu.

It was revealed that Annu and Preeti had been in a relationship for three years and had got engaged a few days before the incident.

According to sources, Kumar had joined the Delhi Police as a constable in 1994 and was promoted to head constable in 2008. He became a sub-inspector in 2016.

Kumar and Pintu were arrested and have been charged with murder under the Indian Penal Code.

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