Indian Singer’s Girlfriend kills his Wife during Night Stay

An Indian singer’s lover brutally murdered his wife during a stay at their home in the night. After which she went back to sleep.

Indian Singers Girlfriend kills his Wife during Night Stay f

their love affair became evident to Rajput's wife

In the city of Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh in India, the case of a love affair has been unveiled where the girlfriend of an Indian singer murdered his wife while staying at their home during the night.

It’s reported that the wife had become a hindrance to the adulterous affair between Inder Mohan Singh Rajput and Neha Verma.

While the husband was away in Lucknow for two days, the girlfriend horrifically killed the singer’s wife, Yogmaya, without hesitation by slitting her throat.

After committing the horrendous murder, Verma went back to sleep in their home without any remorse.

Inder Mohan Singh Rajput is a singer and he met Neha Verma, also a singer, in Gorakhpur during his work there. They then produced many Bhojpuri albums together.

Verma often visited from Gorakhpur and stayed over at the couple’s home in Rajput’s village called Gulariapur Majre Kura in the Khaga Kotwali area.

However, their love affair became evident to Rajput’s wife. She realised it was more than a working relationship and this resulted in arguments and disputes between husband and wife.

Prior to the murder, Rajput had brought Verma to the village five days earlier. Then while he was away in Lucknow, Verma viciously killed his wife in the night. However, it is not known if this was premeditated.

When Rajput got back from Lucknow, early morning about 7.00 am, both he and Verma tried to hide and conceal the body of his wife.

However, villagers got suspicious about what was going on and when Yogmaya’s brother-in-law went inside the house, he shockingly discovered his sister-in-law covered in blood. He then immediately contacted the police.

Police arrived at the incident and took the body away for post-mortem. Both Inder Mohan Singh Rajput and his girlfriend Neha Verma were arrested and taken into police custody.

Satya Prakash, the brother of the deceased woman, has registered a case against both of them.

A police officer in charge, Anand Shukla, iterated what had taken place that a woman had been brutally murdered in her own home and that a young woman and the husband of the deceased are being interrogated related to the killing.

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