Indian Man kills Wife for Watching Movies All Night

In a strange incident, an Indian man from Mumbai murdered his wife over her addiction to watching films. She even spent entire nights watching films.

Indian Man kills Wife for Watching Movies All Night f

"he saw his wife still watching the movies on YouTube."

Indian man Chetan Chowghule, aged 32, of Andheri, Mumbai, was arrested for murdering his wife.

He strangled 22-year-old Aarati to death with a rope after an argument which stemmed from her watching films for the whole night.

The incident happened during the early hours on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, and Chowghule was arrested later that day.

The couple has a two-year-old son and the suspect is unemployed according to the police.

When Chowghule was arrested and questioned, he admitted to killing his wife and explained what led to his extreme anger.

He stated that he would have frequent arguments with his wife as she would constantly be watching films on TV or on her mobile phone.

Following their rows, she would take their child and go to stay with her parents.

During the evening of Tuesday, April 9, 2019, they had an argument after Aarati asked her husband for money for household expenses. However, he refused and said that he didn’t have any money because he had no job.

Later that evening Aarati then started to watch a film on her phone. According to Chowghule, he told her to stop as it was preventing him from getting to sleep but she ignored him and continued watching.

This caused the suspect to snap and he took a rope and strangled her to death.

A police officer said: “He told us that after some time he fell asleep. However, when he woke up around 4 am, he saw his wife still watching the movies on YouTube.

“He then got furious, took a nylon rope and strangled her in a fit of rage.”

According to officers, Chowghule took extreme action when he lost his temper. He realised what he had done after he calmed down but by then, Aarati was already dead.

The police officer added:

“Chetan told us that he lost his temper and did this in a fit of rage. After a few minutes, he realised his folly.”

“His wife had already died. He then came to us and surrendered himself.

“We have registered a case of murder against him and have placed him under arrest. The child was in the house when the incident took place.”

In a similar case, a man from Maharashtra killed his wife after she refused to make snacks and tea for him.

Ramesh Gaikwad asked Mangal to make him some food as he had been fasting during the day. However, she refused to do what he asked.

An argument then broke out which led to Gaikwad strangling his wife to death with a piece of rope.

After realising what he had done, Gaikwad informed the police and a case was registered against him.

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