Indian Man attacks Wife for Watching ‘Pakistani Drama’

An Indian man identified as Asif Nayab has been arrested for attacking his wife. He allegedly attacked her while she was watching Pakistani Drama.

Indian Man attacks Wife for Watching 'Pakistani Drama' f

"she kept watching a show named Pakistani Drama on her mobile."

An Indian man identified as Asif Sattar Nayab, aged 40, from Pune, Maharashtra, was arrested on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, for attacking his wife at their home.

He allegedly attacked his wife with a knife because she was ignoring him. He felt that she was giving more importance to a show called Pakistani Drama that she was watching on her mobile phone.

An enraged Nayab attacked his wife and it resulted in the unnamed woman suffering a broken thumb.

Nayab’s wife registered a police complaint against him during the evening of Monday, March 11, 2019, after the incident occurred.

According to the police, the couple had an argument during the morning of the incident.

This was due to the woman telling her son off for damaging a milk carton that he bought from a shop.

A senior police officer said: “The woman had sent her son to bring milk from a shop but when she found that the milk pouch was damaged and some milk had spilled over, she started scolding him.

“Listening to her voice, Asif intervened, which led to a heated argument between the couple.”

In her police statement, the woman mentioned that her husband was upset with her. The argument escalated in the evening when Nayab came home from work.

Nayab owned a hoarding installation business and resides in the Salisbury Park area of Pune. He returned from work to discover that his wife was not speaking to him.

He went to the bedroom to speak to her but she had all her attention focused on a show titled Pakistani Drama.

The senior officer explained: “When Asif came home from work, his wife went to the bedroom. When he went to the bedroom to speak to her, she kept watching a show named Pakistani Drama on her mobile.”

Nayab felt as if he was being ignored and this led to him becoming extremely angry with her. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen and attacked her.

The officer added: “Asif felt she was ignoring him and giving more importance to the show on her mobile phone.

“Felt ignored, Asif attacked her with a chopper (a knife-like tool) in which her right hand’s thumb broke.”

The woman registered a police complaint against her husband. Nayab was later arrested by police officers from Swargate station.

He was booked for attempted murder and further investigations are underway.

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