Indian Husband horrifically Attacks Wife before Divorce

In a horrific incident, an Indian husband brutally attacked his wife at their home in Ludhiana before their divorce went through.

Indian Husband horrifically Attacks Wife before Divorce f

"He then pushed me out of the room and bolted it"

An Indian husband was arrested after he brutalised his wife with a knife at their home in Haibowal, Ludhiana, Punjab.

It was heard that the incident, which happened on December 16, 2019, stemmed from the couple’s impending divorce.

The attack took place in the morning where 37-year-old Mukesh Kumar attacked Sangeeta with a knife in front of their 14-year-old daughter.

Sangeeta suffered several deep cuts to her fingers. She also suffered injuries to her head, arms and legs as well as a stab wound to her stomach.

The daughter had heard her mother’s screams and went to her bedroom where she saw her father attacking her mother.

As she tried to help, Kumar threatened to kill her before locking her outside the house.

On hearing Sangeeta and her daughter’s screams, neighbours gathered to the house to listen to what was going on but did not help.

It was reported that the victim planned to divorce Mukesh due to their strained relationship, but it was believed that Mukesh suspected that his wife was having an affair.

The divorce papers were ready and Kumar was meant to sign them on the day of the attack.

Their daughter told police that at 7 am, she heard her mother screaming. When she went to the room, she saw her father attacking Sangeeta with a knife.

When she tried to intervene, Mukesh threatened to kill her. The girl said:

“He then pushed me out of the room and bolted it from the inside.”

After the neighbours did not help, the girl ran to a local priest named Kishor Lal. He went to the house and tried to convince Mukesh to open the door but he made threats towards him.

Police officers eventually reached the house and broke down the door to find Mukesh with his wife.

It was revealed that Mukesh stopped the attack as he thought that his wife was dead. Kumar was arrested while the victim was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Police explained that this was not the first time that Kumar had attacked his wife.

In 2017, he struck his wife over the head with a frying pan, which required ninteen stitches.

Sub-Inspector Mohan Lal explained that the Indian husband was an alcoholic who would assault his wife when drunk.

The couple’s daughter told police that she and her mother had left the house due to regular assaults.

She explained: “For a week, my and I lived at her friend’s house. On Sunday, we returned home as my parents were supposed to get a divorce on Monday.

“My brother lives with our grandmother in Hisar.”

It was reported that the police gathered Rs. 20,000 (£210) to pay for Sangeeta’s treatment.

While a case has been registered, the investigation is ongoing as officers will only know more once Sangeeta has recovered and is in a condition to give her statement.

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