Woman makes Obscene Gestures at Husband & Attacks Wife

An Indian woman, who made inappropriate gestures at a man, attacked his wife after being confronted by her in the presence of officials.

Indian Woman makes Obscene Gestures at Husband & Attacks Wife f

The woman slapped the wife and even threatened the couple

In a shocking incident, an Indian woman who made obscene gestures towards a man stabbed his wife.

The strange case occurred in the Shahibaug area of Ahmedabad which left the wife with injuries.

The woman was witnessed making unpleasant gestures towards the man which resulted in his wife questioning the woman about her indecent actions.

This led to the matter reaching the police station. After discussing the incident, the wife filed a report against the accused.

However, matters did not subside there. Instead, the woman persisted with her obscene gestures.

Once again, the couple went to the police station to make a complaint.

As a result of this, the case was registered by Shahibaug officials and an investigation was underway against the woman.

The accused, who resided in the neighbouring area would regularly make inappropriate gestures towards the man while he was working in the vicinity.

In fact, after witnessing the indecent behaviour on several occasions, the man informed his wife about the same.

On Sunday, 18 October 2020, the couple decided to confront the woman for her behaviour.

This led to an argument in which the wife warned the woman against making lewd gestures towards her husband.

For a third time, the matter reached the police station from where the woman initially fled.

The wife registered a complaint against the woman. However, the matter was not resolved.

A short while later, the accused once again got into an altercation with the husband and wife.

Once again, the couple went to the police station with their complaint.

However, the matter escalated at the police station between the woman and the man’s wife.

In front of officials, the woman slapped the wife and even threatened the couple with offensive language.

Then the accused resorted to taking out a blade which was hidden in her bag.

Using the sharp weapon, she inflicted injuries on the wife’s hand.

As a result of the woman’s reckless actions, the police issued a complaint against her and began their investigation.

Recently, another rather shocking case was brought to light in Punjab, India.

This incident involved Principal Jaspal Singh of the Industrial Training Institute for Women in Khanna.

He was reportedly caught in a ‘lewd video’ with a female employee who was sitting on his lap in an amorous way.

The shocking incident caught the attention of officials and media.

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