Indian Man tied to a Pole and Beaten for Obscene Act

An Indian man was tied to a pole and beaten by a mob in Jharkhand. He was assaulted after he was allegedly caught performing an obscene act.

Indian Man tied to a Pole and Beaten for Obscene Act f

the Indian man used to stare at women provocatively

An Indian man was beaten by a mob after they grabbed him and tied him to a telegraph pole.

The mob took matters into their own hands after they allegedly caught the man performing a sex act.

The incident took place in the city of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

He was tied to the pole outside a petrol station before being attacked by several members of the mob.

A large crowd had gathered around the man which eventually led to the police finding out.

Upon reaching the area, officers managed to rescue the young man.

Police took the man into custody after speaking to some of the locals. The man was identified as Vikas Yadav.

According to some of the witnesses, they said that Yadav used to visit the area of Sadar on a daily basis.

It was reported that the Indian man used to stare at women provocatively and would sometimes harass them.

On October 19, 2019, many of the locals took action against him after some people spotted him performing a sex act while riding his motorbike.

Some of the locals became enraged and grabbed him. They dragged him to a telegraph pole where they tied him up.

They then assaulted him while more people started to gather around and watched the incident unfold.

A large crowd stood and watched the man being beaten. It eventually led to the police receiving reports of the incident.

Officers from Sadar Police Station arrived at the scene which prompted the mob to disperse.

Some officers untied Yadav while others spoke to witnesses who explained that the man had been committing an obscene act.

Yadav was arrested and was questioned. He claimed that he would go to Sadar every day because he worked there as a labourer.

The man also denied performing the sexual act as he said that the chain for his motorbike was broken.

Police officers soon discovered that Yadav was also wanted by officers at Ichak Police Station for committing similar acts.

Yadav remains in custody while police investigate the case further.

Locals taking matters into their own hands is on the rise in India as many are resorting to punishing those accused of wrongdoings themselves.

In one case, a man from Bihar was tied to a tree and brutally beaten unconscious.

Santlal Paswan had been released from prison after serving a sentence for murder when the victim’s family grabbed him.

They tied him to a tree and he was beaten with sticks and kicked.

The incident was filmed and officers managed to find Paswan. He was taken to hospital while officers registered a case against six people.

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