Indian Man tied to Tree & Beaten after Coming from Jail

An Indian man was tied to a tree and brutally beaten by a mob shortly after being released from prison. The incident happened in Bihar.

Indian Man tied to Tree & Beaten after Coming from Jail f

Several family members went to his home and dragged him out.

A mob beat an Indian man after tying him to a palm tree on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. The incident occurred in a village within Bihar’s Vaishali district.

Police identified the man as Santlal Paswan. Some of the attackers filmed the assault and the footage soon went viral, eventually attracting the attention of the police.

When officers came across the video, they managed to locate the area and found an injured Santlal still tied to the tree.

He was taken to Sadar Hospital for treatment and officers have registered a case against six suspects.

It was revealed that Santlal had just been released from prison when he was attacked.

He had been arrested for murder which had stemmed from a love affair. Santlal was convicted and received a jail sentence.

After serving three months, the Indian man was released from prison and he returned to his home.

However, the family of the victim came to know about Santlal’s release and decided to take revenge.

Several family members went to his home and dragged him out. They then tied him to a palm tree and beat him with bamboo sticks which led to a crowd gathering.

The beating resulted in Santlal going unconscious but the assault continued.

A woman was seen kicking the defenceless man while a crowd, including children, surrounded them.

Another woman hit him with a tree log while the other woman repeatedly kicked an unconscious Santlal in the head.

The assault reportedly went on for several hours before the mob decided to leave after they believed he would die from the injuries he suffered.

When police officers found him, he was still alive but unconscious. Santlal remains in a critical condition.

Officers are working to arrest the six suspects which have been registered in the case.

Although Santlal was convicted, the victim’s family felt his punishment was not enough and decided to take matters into their own hands.

This is not the first time where a mob in India has brutally beaten their target.

A man named Bunty Singh Rajput was beaten after he was accused of visiting the Madhya Pradesh village of Dodiya Khadi with the intention of meeting some women.

Bunty had been at a tea stall when three men approached him and made the accusation.

He denied the allegation but they did not listen to him and started beating him. The victim was also accused of being a thief.

A crowd gathered around as the beating continued before leaving him when the assault ended.

Police had received reports of the incident and rushed the victim to hospital. When Bunty recovered, he told officers what had happened.

The three men were later arrested.

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