Indian Woman tied to Tree at Gunpoint & Beaten

A married Indian woman was tied to a tree and at gunpoint threatened and beaten in the city of Gwalior by an unknown man.

Indian Woman tied to Tree at Gunpoint & Beaten f

They verified that the woman in the video was Mamta

A married Indian woman from the city of Gwalior in the state of Madhya Pradesh was subjected to a horrific incident where she was tied to a tree and then brutally beaten at gunpoint.

A man calling himself Harikishan Batham pretending to be associated with a political minister threatened to kill the woman pointing a gun at her and carried out the ordeal for hours.

He made a video of the torture and uploaded it on social media on September 7, 2021.

The following day, the woman known as Mamta Adivasi from Chetupada village in Dabra, went to the Superintendent of Police’s (SP) office in Dabra and reported the incident.

Police had found out about the incident after the video had surfaced on social media. They were investigating and looking into the matter by the time Mamta had visited them herself.

They verified that the woman in the video was Mamta after she visited the police station.

She told officers what had taken place and how she was tormented by Batham pretending to be an official contractor.

Mamta works as a labourer at the brick kiln of Murari Prajapati.

A few days prior to the incident, a man met the owner of the Murari Prajapati brick kiln and introduced himself as Harikishan Batham, a resident of Haripura to Murari, the brick kiln owner.

He described himself as a labour contractor being responsible for bringing workers to and from Murari. He said he was an associate of a minister.

Believing his official status the owner gave him an advance of Rs 4.5 lakh. However, Batham did not send any labourers.

Murari then put pressure on Mamta to get the money back from Batham.

When she asked Batham to return the money, he beat her and tied her to the tree threatening to kill her. He also ripped her clothes during the attack.

Mamta told the police that when she asked for the money, Batham encountered her on the way and took his gun out with another man who was with him.

He then made her walk to a nearby area with trees and tied her to a tree and started to beat her.

The victim said he tore her clothes while he was thrashing her and kept on asking about Murari again and again. He tried to belittle her but she vehemently confronted the Batham and put up a verbal fight.

She said the two men continued to subject her to violent behaviour against her. They said that police could not harm them because the minister was ‘in their pocket’.

Mamta told him she wants the money while he threatened to kill her with a bullet or hang her from the tree. Batham filmed the incident on his phone while he threatened and tortured her.

Mamta stressed to the police that she demands strict action against the accused.

Further to the allegations and incident, SP Gwalior Amit Sanghi directed ASP Dehat Jairaj Kuber to take on the case and to take action against the accused men.

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